Polish prime minister favours total ban on abortion


The Polish prime minister, Beata Szydło, said she backs moves towards a total ban on abortion, in a sign the nationalist government may be set to turn its attention to the nuclear family.

A campaign against abortion is due to be launched this Sunday in the country’s Roman Catholic churches. Priests have been asked to read out a letter from the bishops’ conference calling for Poland’s existing, limited abortion rights to be scrapped.

After mass on church steps, anti-abortion group Fundacja Pro will gather petition signatures for a citizen’s parliamentary bill calling for a total ban.



God bless Poland. They are moving in the right direction. They are recovering nicely from communism.


God bless them indeed! I am sure three special saints are looking down from Heaven and smiling.


A 1993 law grants it up to the 25th week from conception, but only on the condition that the woman’s life is in danger, the pregnancy is the result of criminally proven rape or incest, or the foetus is “seriously malformed”.

Is the proposed total ban likely to pass?


They basically elected a government of Trumps. My Polish friend is currently deciding whether it’s safe as a gay person to remain in the country.


I think Trump is good though. I support the Polish government.


Seems like that phrase needs a link to an SNL skit.


I was wondering the same thing.


Yes, the law will be most likely voted, the conservative socialists having about 55% of the votes. Not having an answer in another thread I allow myself to copy paste a morality/law related questions concerning the new total abortion ban in Poland.

I struggle especially with one of its aspects, namely the case of the babies suffering from anencephaly and similar conditions. As far as I know the Catholic teaching considers “death” a medical category, and as such the brain death is recognized as the “true” death. How to deal with the situations when the foetus does not possess large parts of the brain, or is completely deformed? Should mothers serve the same time in jail for “killing” this kind of baby as for killing the normal one? But on the other hand, how to define “death” in this case, if there is no brain that can be considered dead?

Frankly speaking, I don’t like the new law. In theory, a teenage raped girl could finish for three years in jail for taking a “morning after” pill. I am not 100% sure if this is the right approach. But this is the medical problem of completely malformed children which makes me feel particularly uneasy. Does anyone of you know some well-though Catholic books dealing with these borderline cases, and especially how to sanction them in civil law?
Thank you in advance!


TY 7.

I’m no expert on Polish politics, but I would think that they would instead try e.g. to pass a law moving the cut-off from 25 weeks to 15 weeks, or something of that sort.



A child with a disability is still a human child created by GOD.

This child was born with Anencephaly. She survived…and just turned two. Yes, some of these babies aren’t so lucky, but there is no reason to chop them up in the womb. Let them be born and be loved and held.

Abortion targeting a child for disability is like the Nazis…and Margaret Sanger, who was a great admirer of Hitler.


Conservatism socialism sounds like an oxymoron.


There is such as thing as “conservative or right-wing socialism” - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-wing_socialism


Apparently this is coming in the wake of this being accused of taking place at a Polish hospital:

Baby Born Alive After Botched 24-Week Abortion Screamed for an Hour as Doctors Left Child to Die


Baby Who Screamed for an Hour While Left to Die After Botched Abortion Causes Global Outrage



I can’t even bring myself to click on the links provided.
there are no words to describe how I feel reading this.


It is absolutely disgusting if that really happened to that baby.


Polish MPs have paved the way for a citizens’ bill that would ban abortion.
The “Stop Abortion” campaign now has approval to collect the 100,000 signatures needed to submit a bill to MPs. It has three months to do so.


More Than 100 Journalists in Poland Back Measure to Protect Unborn Babies by Banning All Abortions



Yikes! That must be scary for your friend. I cannot imagine ever being in such a situation and I am grateful to be “spoiled” that way.


I was wondering if this story was what led the push to enact such a ban in Poland.


This will be the same Polish government who refuse their quota of migrants. They appear to be more concerned with the unborn than those already here.

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