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hola Muslims

the Lord be with you, if it is not too burdensome i have some questions i have been trying to ask at various muslim webforums, but there is always some unfortunate problem that requires me to leave… so i would like to ask you questions here.

but first, i am curious why muslims do not like missionaries? i tried posting questions at a new webforum but it was stressed to me that missionaries were not welcome… so i left. i do not understand why that would be any kind of problem whatsoever… i am not even allowed to give out medical advice on the internet since it is against the law…

maybe other people could ask questions too… but let us keep this conversation polite. there are many threads going back and forth between muslims and Catholics here, so leave this thread for other kinds of questions… please lets not discuss aisha, terrorism or things like this in this particular thread



Hello ,

Thank you for your kind question. Muslims as a whole dont dislike or like missionaries , probably some have bad experience and some dont. Depends on the missionary and his way of missionizing. Personally , i enjoy debates and conversation with polite missionaries . I would not want to have a missionary that insults my faith or one that i feel is understating my intelligence . It is also very distasteful if they are missionizing for people in crisis like floods or wars. Assistance should be kept away from faith .

If missionaries would avoid bad aspects then i think people wouldnt mind talking to them.

I have great respect for JW missionaries. They are very polite and kind and fun to be around . This is the only type of professional missionaries that i have encountered in real life so far .

hope i asnwered your question ,



I personally think Mormon missionaries are far more ploite and humble. JWs I have talked to are uptight and arrogant.


Every missionary who tells you that Islam is NOT the right religion, Quran is NOT a holy book and Mohamed was NOT God`s prophet, is automatically insulting you. So how then is it possible to talk about religion without you feeling insulted?


missionaries welcome? don’t make me laugh, meedo - or cry:mad:
even in the UK, people trying to preach/evangelise have been arrested because Muslims have claimed to be offended - and that’s in a (post) Christian country! of course try that in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan and it would be a lot worse for you
our priest got abused by Muslims just walking along the road…


Do you know which Moslem nations have banned Christian missionaries?


HI meedo. I have a problem with this answer. If one risks death by leaving Islam for another faith, then I would think a missionary would be viewed as a cancer. I understand that some muslims or perhaps the majority may not have this view, but it seems to be a reasonable conclusion that if one is commanded to kill their brother for leaving the faith, then they are not going to have warm feelings for those who try to get their brother to leave.

Does the Quran address missionizing?


I have another question (less argumentative).

I understand that there is a sort of precedence with Surah’s, that the latter ones take precedence over the earlier ones, in case of conflicting verse. Are any verses considered to have been completely replaced by later verses?


It would be quicker to list those who haven’t


Several years ago, when I worked in the airline industry, a colleague was obtaining a visa to travel to Saudi Arabia. I read the restrictions. Absolutely NO religious materials, even for personal use.


There are no conflicting verses in the Qur’an, NONE whatsoever… unless of course one chooses to read each individual verse separately and not in the context of the passage that it is found in.


Translated: yes there is but I can find a way to explain away these conflicts
(just hope the infidels don’t realise the warlike verses come after the peaceful verses so the peaceful verses can’t possibly abrogate them… and hope they don’t bring up Allah changing his mind about direction of worship again)




There are many conflicting verses in the Qur’an, MANY … unless of course one chooses to read each individual verse separately or together and simply believe that it is so.


I appreciate the resposne, juxtaposed against the statement of Meedo, it is very telling

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