Political campaign ads attacking pro-life candidates

I am thoroughly sick and tired of all the attack ads this campaign season, but lately, I noticed something really offensive. When a candidate is pro-life, they are starting to use this against him, portraying his pro-life stance as something sinister and unacceptable. Has America come to this–that being pro-life is considered evil?

Where I live that negative ads aren’t specifically directed at whether one is either pro-life or pro-choice, they are just plain ole nasty and mean.

More akin to the breaking of the 8th Commandment than anything…

Yeah, they call it “anti-choice” but the thing is: pro-life people don’t make a mother choose to keep the baby. She can also choose adoption, which can be a great choice if the woman is unmarried, young, didn’t finish school, doesn’t have a stable income, etc. She just isn’t allowed to murder her child. :thumbsup:

I agree. Politics is getting pretty dirty on both sides. You couldn’t find the truth anywhere.

You must live in a “blue” state. Down here, being pro-life is considered pretty much essential to get elected. But there are plenty of mean, mud-slinging political ads. I will be very glad after Tuesday, when it’s all over.

Sadly, negative ads are effective and will not go away anytime soon (during campaigns).

Yes, I have seen this a lot in Arizona

Gabriel Giffords is running ads claiming her opponent Jesse Kyle is “Dangerous” because he wanted to ban abortion even for rape victims her words along with that were scare tactics known by liberals such as privitizing social security and among all things claims he’ll be repealing Food Safety regulations!

It’s pretty bad in VA as well. It’s usually a group of angry looking women saying the pro-life candidate is wrong for women and wrong for VA, enforcing his “morals” (because stopping the unborn from murder is so horrible right?) Upon them and their bodies. That he’s anti-choice, anti-woman/freedom and so on and so on. I kind of just laugh it off, and just make it a even bigger reason why I need to vote pro-life. :shrug:

Arizona’s toast. That’s all I’m saying to be in compliance with board guidelines.

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