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I have been looking at volunteering with one of my county’s political parties, and it’s gotten me to thinking. Is there any problem with actively promoting candidates with whom, for religious reasons, you cannot agree on every point? I certainly don’t see a problem with voting for such a person, but if you are actively trying to get them elected instead of simply saying, “He’s my best option,” as you could on the ballot, does that imply that you are in accordance with all of his positions?


I doubt one will agree with anyone on every point relating to politics .

It depends what the disagreements are .

Speaking generally and personally I would give party politics a wide berth .


No political candidate will ever be perfect, as all are fallible human beings like us. Choose the best viable political candidates that you can find. Their attitude towards the taking of innocent human life is generally the best indicator of their political and ethical philosophy.


As long as you are not campaigning for a candidate or party that wants to normalize grave evil or calls grave evils civil rights then you should be okay.


Vote for Joe because he loves kicking puppies!

is one thing

Vote for Joe because, while he did kick puppies, he is more qualified, he is honest, and he has policies that will promote more shelters for stray animals.


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