POLITICAL CAPITAL Hillary Clinton Expresses Support For Fracking In Wikileaks Document


During the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton cast herself as a skeptic of hydraulic fracturing – the controversial process to extract natural gas. But newly released documents purporting to show excerpts of her paid speeches show that Clinton proudly touted her support for fracking, which environmental groups say can pollute groundwater and undermine the fight against climate change. The excerpts also show Clinton saying that some environmental organizations trying to restrict her work to promote fracking were front groups for Russian oligarchs.

The transparency group Wikileaks published the document as part of what it says is a tranche of emails from John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman. Podesta has refused to say whether the excerpts are authentic but has not denied their authenticity, either.



She said it herself; you need to have both public and private positions.


Are these released documents part of the group issued by the hacker named Guccifer?




There is no telling who the hackers were. If one hacker got into this information, probably several did, just as they got into Hillary’s top secret emails.


She has been on both sides of several issues, as has Trump. In this and other respects, such as being truth-challenged, they are quite similar.


Totally believable. One thing voters should understand is that the Clintons are “for sale”. She could speak in favor of fracking, then betray the frackers if the environmental radicals pay her more. That’s why her public and private pronouncements are different. It’s like an auction.


They are totally up for auction. She did it at the State Department for goodness sake!


Only partially so.

Here is Politifact, from April this year:



One wonders whether China has yet figured out its “bid” for no arms sales by the U.S. to Taiwan. A billion maybe? It would certainly be worth a billion to China. Five billion?

Wonder what Saudi Arabia bought with the millions it gave her? The arms supposedly intended for non-Islamist groups that actually went to Islamist groups, perhaps?

That’s the trouble with the Clintons. You can’t know in advance who will buy them, and even after it happens, it’s hard to know just what actions were bought.

But I expect the Clintons prefer it that way. If, say, Goldman Sachs can never be entirely sure she’ll “stay bought”, they’ll keep giving her money.

One thing is for sure, though, concern for the American people is and will remain a distant second to the Clinton greed. That’s why she has really never done anything for this country. The pay isn’t good enough for her.


Indeed. And this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the emails are concerned. The next few weeks should be very interesting (and troubling for anyone who is paying attention)


Even if Trump loses and Clinton wins… what is released in those Wikileaks emails could potentially have a major impact on her presidency.


I’m surprised this is news. I thought she was a well known supporter of more business friendly positions than many Dems? That’s why Sanders supporters were so reluctant to support her.


This is definitely going to be one of the major things to cause her campaign to collapse.


Election 2016 Clinton Trump Spread
RCP Poll Average 48.3 42.5 Clinton +5.8 Trending Up
4-Way RCP Average 44.8 39.6 Clinton +5.2 Trending Up


She also wants open borders.


She said it; not me.


Somehow I seriously doubt it.


Don’t get your hopes up. Nothing will cause her campaign to collapse. She has too many big donors behind her. It doesn’t matter what she says or does. At least someone is finally confronting her about it though.


Major security analysts includeing Bruce Schneier have stated that many of the Wikileaks documents have been doctored and seeded in Wikileaks to spread misinformation.


Is he a democrat…?

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