Political Compass Thread


Post em

the test is on https://www.politicalcompass.org/

also share your ideology

I’m a monarchist


Well, I haven’t seen this in a while. Last time I took it I think I got pretty far Left and pretty strongly Libertarian. Maybe things have changed since then.


According to this test, my score was remarkably close to Gandhi’s.
(and the OP was right there with Hitler :scream:)
I am pretty much a bleeding heart.


Well, looks like I’m still in the same general category, though I’ve become a bit more centrist in the last few years.



This came thru a while back. I pretty much hit the middle.

I think last time I did this I pretty much decided I could hit any point I wanted to.


Pretty close to mine…you, me and Gandhi.





is this usa specific or a generic global thing


Take the test. It’s somewhat US centric, but global in scope.


i just did, I am in the libertarian square.


So am I. Libertarian square, close to the middle of the square.

I’m not surprised. I tend to be all over the place on many of these issues. E.g., I believe that abortion should be illegal, but I think that marijuana should be legal.

Good questions–thought-provoking.


i don’t believe marijuana should be legal. Here in Australia it is so potent these days, it permanently ruins lives and puts people in the care of mental health teams.

when the THC level of marijuana is over 25% , its becoming a very dangerous substance

and then you get idiots, (sorry, its the only word I can think of) who get stoned and then drive.


enlightened centrism


Moderation in all things. :smile:


it is kinda us centric but can be generic global


chart Live and let live


Interestingly enough, I’m right on the line between authoritarian and libertarian. I would’ve been expecting to be slightly above. But the little bit to the left makes sense.



That’s right around where I was when I took the test.

Honestly, I would have guessed I was in the Right/Authoritarian quadrant. I guess I don’t know myself as well as I think I do. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


read basic economics by sowell

if you want to get more right wing


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