Political Debate

Does anybody debate politically outside of here?

It is a good chance to convert someone.

A U.S. Army veteran (God bless his soul) recently started a forum called Kamikaze Political Debate. On behalf of him and other Catholic, I hope that many Catholics will join.

I has an “out-of-the-box” political them where you do not have to identify with just one party but you can show you political beliefs by typing.


“where your opinion counts”

So you associate politics with religion?

How in a political debate could you convert someone?

I have done this at work. Some ladies used to diehard Democrats and Christian. When I pointed out the DNC platform supporting the culture of death some of them changed their minds about voting for people in that party.

Of course most had misconceptions about Catholics like Mary worship; once I explained Catholicism they now look at Catholics in a different light. So the Holy Spirit is working on them.

I have never converted anyone the Holy Spirit does that.

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