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I’m not sure about the responses I’m going to receive, but it needs to be asked. My question is how can any respectable Catholic not be pro-life? I know it’s a social issue, but seeing Planned Parenthood recently, and Cecile Richards on tv. How can any good Catholic even be a democrat? I’ve wondered these things for awhile, so I appreciate any answers I’m going to get. Thank you.


The answer is that Catholics, and all Christians, must be prolife. Tolerance of the abortion of innocent children is not at all compatible with Christianity.


I don’t think a catholic can be pro-choice. If they are, they may not have all the information or be ignorant when it comes to the catholic (or Christian) teaching. We believe that abortion kills a living soul. We believe abortion is murder. You cannot be pro-choice and Christian


I have often wondered this same thing. If one adheres to the teachings of the Catholic Church and lives their lives accordingly, I don’t understand this either. I guess, some people completely separate the Church from government and support representatives that uphold the laws of our land; (which does provide for legalized abortion) I don’t know, I reaching here because it really does not make sense. I’ll be curious to hear others’ views on this, as well.


Often wondered this too; anxiously awaiting a pro-choice Catholic reply.



Looks like we never got one. :shrug:


Because Republicans, like Democrats, are sinful, morally depraved, small-minded, selfish human beings, and nominal Catholics raised with false teaching tend to stick with them if they don’t feel inspired by outside examples to change. Our lack of charity; our refusal to let the Holy Spirit sanctify us; our hard-hearts, are weapons from Satan that he uses to keep many outside from entering. Our countless sins of omission - accumulating into the billions and trillions and tens of trillions - do injury to billions of souls.


For the second question, it is important to keep in mind that being in a political party does not mean support of all their positions.

For example, these Democrats do not support Abortion:



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