Political Simulator Question


I am on an online political simulator (basically, you choose a country and then act as its government, basically issuing orders which Moderators carry out and show the effects and also interacting w/ other player-controlled countries in sort of RPing).

Anyway, in this simulator, I play as the Sudan, so I am playing as an evil leader, very Anti-Christian, Anti-Zionist/Judaism, Anti-Western, Pro-Muslim extremists, etc. and ordering like mass executions after a coup attempt and basically being quite evil. Is it wrong to play an evil role in such a simulation? Obviously, it is not real, although I worry I spend too much time coming up with evil things for the country to do and thinking about how it would play out. Is this sinful even though it is a game and no one is actually being hurt or affected?

NOTE: I do suffer from Scrupulosity (just thought I’d put that in there since it is an issue which affects my concerns).


What game is this?

I would think it would only be a sin if it was really affecting the way you think, and if you actually started believing it. I wouldn’t think it’s any worse than acting the role such a character in a play.


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