Politico editor resigns after sharing addresses of white nationalist on Facebook


Michael Hirsh, national editor at Politico, resigned after sharing addresses of white nationalist Richard Spencer, CNBC has confirmed.

The Daily Caller first reported the news and took screenshots of Hirsh’s remarks before they were deleted.

“Stop whining about Richard B. Spencer, Nazi, and exercise your rights as decent Americans. Here are his two addresses,” Hirsh said in a public Facebook post captured by The Daily Caller.

Hirsh made a similar comment on Monday, tweeting that it’s “good” that Spencer would be moving to Washington and that “it’s important that we know where he lives.”



This is part of a tactic called “doxing.” I’ve noticed The Left doing this, mostly done by so-called journalists, on those who may not toe the race line, in this white nationalists. I’ve seen anti-Trump college students turn to the one who was video recording protests urge the public and fellow students to dox peers who were Trump supporters.

In other words The Left when it feels threatened will try to personally destroy you. They will go after your address, your SS, your work information, even go after family members.


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