Politics, abortion, and relationships


Recently, my girlfriend and I have been in heated arguements as she believe that the Trump administration no matter what they do will never be in the wrong for they push for anti abortion laws. She has been listening to a show that I believe pushes right wing agenda and claim it as truths that is proclaimed by the Catholic Church.(I.e. they say that trump can say the sky is blue and the liberal media can find away to attack him. This is post Trump’s visit with Putin). She now believes that to be a true catholic one needs to be republican and not liberal about their views.

I myself is not tied to any party. I think that I need to vote and stand by politicians and laws that I believe aligns to my views.

At this point we have not talked. Everytime we try to talk she does not hear me out. As she proclaims that she will not listen to lies and only truths. I am very conflicted. I love my girlfriend very much but I can’t just sit here and turn a blind eye to the rhetoric that the liberals are evil and republicans are good. Does anyone have any advice on how I should approach this? I am highly conflicted. I don’t want to break up. I want her to see my point of view and not see me as the opposite team.


It doesn’t sound like she’s wiling to do that right now. Is there any chance the two of you could agree not to talk politics at all for a while? Give it a break and try again later?


Perhaps you might ask her if you two can “agree to disagree?” It sounds like she’s become very upset about the political division and lack of civility in this country among Americans. I think many, if not most, of us are concerned - on both sides of the political aisle. It’s extremely sad to see a President and his family completely demeaned as they continue to be. Many of us Catholics are very proud that he is pro-life and has continued to oppose the killing of innocent babies. For many, it has become the most important issue of our time because of the grave importance it carries in our religious and moral values. Anything else compared to the selfish murder of millions of innocents just doesn’t seem to matter much for many of us, but the mainstream media has laid out an agenda to promote abortion and rid the country of our President no matter what it takes. A lot of people are listening to their version, thinking they must know what’s correct. Unfortunately, it’s just their agenda and often totally wrong, not to mention immoral. In these emotional times, if a truce can’t be made between both of you to “agree to disagree,” perhaps praying together for peace in your hearts and relationship might help. If it’s any consolation, there have been many friendships and even families torn apart by the current issues dividing our country. May our Lord’s peace be with you, no matter what!


Could you see yourself married to someone with her values?


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