Politics in your Church

I have always been fascinated by the politics in churches. At my church, we have the older people (the men are deacons, the women are just, the older women, I kinda think it’s retarded, since some of our oldest members are in-fact women), some are the goody goody people (people that come to church everyday, take their bibles, but outside of church, they are kinda opposite, or just neutral on anything; we have our rebels (lol I am in this group) which are the kids/adults [this group is usually mostly teenagers, (I am in this group haha) but their are some younger adults that are like it]; then you have the devoutees, the people who actually research topics, and read their bible outside of church (many of these are also the elders/deacons).

I have found it funny, that some churches have settings, like certain people sit certain places, I never thought about it in my church, and now that I think about it, their are places like that, but their not really sett, it’s more or less, rude to sit in a certain family’s place. I am gonna give a example:

The Johnson’s sit in the third pew back, it would be rude for the Joneson’s teenager, to sit at the Johnson’s pew, unless one of the Johnson’s kids invited him/her over their, and even then, it’s probably frowned on by the elders, cause we all know, they have never sat with a person they are friends with (thats meant to be sarcasm btw).

These names are fake, not copyrighted, so don’t try to sue (Laugh)

I have thought of maybe their are websites, but I have also thought of making some things out of this, like making games/stuff out of it, I thought about going to church on Sunday, and purposely sitting in one couple’s seat, to inspire anarchy, of course, it’s really short from my dream of national anarchy (not for America, btw) but it’s a step closer.

What you people think, comments/infor (I really would like to know your stories of this, if you’ve researched it, if you know any websites about it, ect ect).


Also, I plan on conducting a experiment of this, wish me luck, I am gonna need it, cause I am gonna try to make a list of who sits where for about 2 months of sunday’s and wednesday’s and make a estimate, and such, then…hehe I will destroy the system.


Hahaha, sounds funny. Go for it dude.

I think many times people sit where do they out of habit rather than anything else. I was attending a series of Bible classes, and the teacher switched the chair arrangement everytime we went to class. Sometimes it was a big circle, sometimes it was little circles, sometimes it was rows. He wanted us to have to pick different places to sit so that we would not just sit in the smae seats by the same people every time we came to class.

People tend to sit in the same areas in Meeting. Some “weighty Friends” 'unofficially" have their places they sit. If a newcomer sits in their place…they ususally sit next to the newcomer…if they continue to attend they eventually reailze where some of the older Friends sit and we accomodate them as best we can.

Since a Friend’s Meeting doesn’t have an alter or a pulpit and usually the Meeting isn’t over a 100 people, where one sits really doesn’t matter too much. The “overseeers” may sit on the “facing bench”…but the “facing bench” is more of an historical oddity any more.

Those Friends chosen to end Meeting tend to sit at the “facing bench” so when worship is concluded most everyone can see the one given the “care of the Meeting” shake his neighbor’s hand…that’s the signal to turn to you neighbor, shake their hand and that action concludes Meeting.

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