Does the Church have an official position in politics?
Does the Church teach that we are to be liberal, conservative, or what on the political spectrum?

The church is not a political institution.

It’s sole mission is to shape the conscience of the individual…that individual, being called to witness for Christ in their life by their actions, dealings, the way they vote, how they help form and shape their society…they march forward to change policies, being a part of politics etc etc.

The church stands as a light and beacon to politics…but it only has any sway within it by the connection it has to an individual soul and their personal actions.

God bless

This is not entirely accurate. The Church teaches that man is a social being, and that our social institutions we must also obey God. The fact that individuals are acting as a group does not magically eliminate the need to obey God! Remember that Christ is the King of All Nations…

WRT politics, what I have gathered is that if everyone follows God’s laws, then almost any political system works, but if there is a lot of violation of God’s laws, no system will work.

The Church has wonderful teachings which are called the social justice teachings. Social justice is a term which has been hijacked by non-Catholics to justify all sorts of political agendas, so don’t be fooled!

We have a compendium of social justice, but I love to read the encyclicals themselves. starting with Rerum Novarum, which I get something new out of each time I read it :slight_smile:

As to left/right, liberal/conservative, progressive/antediluvian, no. None of these, esp as expressed in US politics, even tries to adhere to Church teaching. Oddly enough, I hear interesting things coming out of England :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, your Church has forbidden certain political ideologies from being held by its followers. The two I remember are communism and fascism.

Communism, fascism/socialism, and unruly/unregulated capitalism have all been condemned by the Vatican for the fact that they are inherently incompatible with Church teachings.

Hence my saying “almost any political system…”

No. The Church has official positions on certain political issues, but does not have an official position in politics.

No. You can vote almost anyway you’d like as long as your vote does not conflict with the Church. For example: Republicans are often seen as anti-abortion and pro-death penalty, while Democrats are often seen as pro-abortion and anti-death penalty. The Church is both anti-abortion and anti-death penalty.

I guess it’s easier for me to follow my faith and follow my politics at the same time them because I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I am a Moderate with a mix of both liberal and conservative beliefs. Although I tend to fall more to the right than to the left and I voted for Mitt Romney in the last election, and I registered as a Republican in my state. But then again, that’s just me. :smiley:

However, the death penalty is not considered intrinsically evil as is abortion.

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