Poll 2018 Summary Hot / Cold

  • I was hot for God.
  • I was lukewarm for God.
  • I was cold for God. Could of done better.

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Wow. 4 hours without a reply.
That answers that question - lol !



I have to admit, I’m having a hard time deciding to answer! I went through a rather “grey/blah” year where I had an attitude of “I know God is guiding me and that He knows what is best for me, but this sucks and I’m not happy and not going to pretend to be”.
I never stopped going to Church or praying or anything like that, but I would have to say on the larger scale, I was probably “lukewarm”. But since I never stopped caring, maybe I was really just “cold and pissy” towards Him, and He just waited it out with me.

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God in His infinite mercy and abundant grace began drawing me back to Himself in August of 2018 after I had been backslid from Christian faith for 30 years. It is nothing less than a miracle and this time 'round He had led me to serve Him in and through the Catholic Church.

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Was a great year for me spiritually, had major conversion experience on July 9th and got into daily rosary and divine mercy Chaplet as well as daily mass and reading through each Gospel completely



I ended up voting “cold”. The more I think about it, God really did give many graces in 2018. I got a reprieve from the daily grind by being offered a 4-month job doing things I actually enjoy; and then I got a promotion (the position isn’t what I wanted, but it opens more opportunities for me in the long run) to another state. My kids have all been relatively healthy; our house sold when we needed it to, for more than we expected; we found a house to rent in the area we moved; and a few other things…and all though it I’ve had a rather poor attitude about things. :thinking: It’s like I am focused too much on what I don’t have, and am missing out on the joy of what I do.

Sorry, don’t mean to turn this into a confessional! Just keeping it real. :zipper_mouth_face:



Wow ! You’ll be starting 2019 - on the right foot !
Glad - to read your gladness.
Sorry to hear about such a long backslide -
You must have a faithful guardian angel :innocent:

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OMG me too!

Part of being human is that we are acted upon by our emotions, so that even if we absolutely know in our minds that God exists and has our best interest in His divine mind, sometimes that “head knowledge” doesn’t make the trip to our heart.

I’m learning to rest on faith and not emotions, but it’s an arduous process for an emotional gal like me.

Hugs :hugs:



We must be siblings and just don’t know it! You have a “brother” in the same boat!!



I’m trying, but mostly not feeling the Holy Spirit, so I called the lukewarm.



How about an “I am hot for God but fail repeatedly to follow all his teachings all the time because I am human” option :slight_smile: That would be me.

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I never thought of THAT before - hot for repentance !
I always think of people as sad - head down - frown - kicking ground pebbles -
not arms stretched out happy - and lifted up and maybe even smiling - lol - love it !

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Daily - Rosary.
I have heard, if you make the time, can do wonders.



Yeah I think it was very transformative for me in so many ways



I needed to go through a dry spell of feeling abandoned in order to reduce my pride.

I can only go forward from here. How happy is the Lord, the forgiver of all sins.


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