Poll: 84% of white working class say government does not represent their views


CNN/KFF Poll: 84% of white working class say government does not represent their views. cnn.it/2ckkoWK

Poll details here


I’m part of the 84 pct.


We agree.


So? Is that somehow supposed to mean that the view of the white working class is the view the government is supposed to represent? I assumed the role of the government was to represent the views of all the citizenry, and if it can’t be my view all the time, I would say that’s my problem, not the government’s.:shrug:


Don’t worry. They will be made to care. Incorrect thinking will not be tolerated.


It’s a flawed question. “The government in Washington” is not a monolith.


I’m in that percentage also. I’m a fiscal conservative that believes in limited government, and that right there puts me at odds with both my state and the federal government.


Most certainly am in that 84%. The Representatives of my Congressional district most certainly does not “represent” me – they’re Republicans. Most of this government’s policies don’t represent me. But then again, that might be because I’m socially conservative and fiscally liberal. I’m all for the Bernie Sanders-style economic policies. Regulate industries, break up monopolies and banks, expand entitlement programs and erase work requirements. But I’m with Trump and Pence on abortion, gay marriage, tobacco industry hysteria (seriously, did we have to ban fruity cigarettes and make them put carpet glue in the ones left?), the radical Islamic terrorism problem, the breakdown of the family, the liberal-P.C. problem, etc. I guess I’m just a hard guy to please.

But it also puts me in the unique position of being able to vote for Jill Stein and not care if it throws the election to Trump like the Democrats are terrified of, cause he’s my second choice anyway! :S


That’s a good question. I’m wondering what percentage of all people share the views of this 84% of white working class.

My family is not white but we do not feel the government represents our views either. Maybe it’s time to put aside the idea of seperating by race and band together instead so that we can make true changes occur. Together we have power. As the KY state motto says “United we stand, divided we fall.” The government is supposed to work for us, but unless we are willing to vote responsibly and follow our conscience instead of voting “party line” or “lesser of two evils” beginning at the primary stage, no changes will occur. Unless real people–good people–are willing to step up and run for office, and we are willing to finance, support, and in other ways back them, no changes will occur. We really do have the power to change the course of our nation but people seem so bogged down that they are unwilling to act.


I am not white but I am part of the working class.

I think the government thinks of us as sheep to be fleeced rather than the people it is supposed to serve.

Not surprising really. The concept of leaders serving the people is a Christian concept and further society gets away from Christianity this is the result.


The current government is only for minorities and refugees. No, it doesn’t represent the views of all its citizens.


It seems like a large percentage of Americans are dissatisfied with their government. This contrasts sharply with the Russian Federation, where polls show that a large percentage of Russian citizens approve of President Putin.


If you disaprove, he will kill you, so I don’t put much stock in Russian Polls.


I think you have it backwards. The current government is against minorities. Any government that does as much as it has done to promote racial divisions as this administration has can’t be viewed as ‘for minorities’ IMHO.


We haven’t really had a limited government since before FDR. I would just give up on that taught.


What did Bush do for minorities? You don’t think blacks were being killed by cops? Remember in 06 when Hispanic students were walking out of school protesting due to immigration? What did Bush do then?

He kept quiet in those 2 instances. I’m guessing bc of his silence he supported going against minorities if we use your logic?


He did the right thing by offering no opinion. Obama has been burned several times by reacting before the facts


You guys have spent 7 years defending failure by pointing to a past president, presumably by arguing it was worse under Bush, which is like trying to convince your kids that they should enjoy their broccoli because it tastes better than a plate of vomit.

Can Obama not stand on his own two feet without drawing a comparison to someone else? He specifically ran as a man who would heal divisions in the country, and to that end, one would have to say he has failed, unless you believe the country is more united, especially racially. What a previous President did or didn’t do matters not at all.

The irony being he just (again) told people to reserve judgment until we have all the facts.

The man is a walking impulsive race baiter who should take his own advice. He reacts without having all the information more often than a contestant on Let’s Make a Deal.


So not giving an opinion is the right thing? Doesn’t the Bible say by staying quiet, by not standing up, your basically supporting evil?


Generally, when reading the passage, it is presumed one does not speak in ignorance. The President lectures the proletariat to wait for facts before offering judgment all the while condemning cops for acting stupidly, or some other ignorant quip.

I don’t think it is too much to ask the President to at least do what he asks the rest of us to do. Historically, Presidents stayed above local matters, so as to appear loyal to all the citizenry. This President has a penchant for offering commentary on matters well below his station, which generally simply enflames the issue for local authorities, and annoys normal people.

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