Poll About Buying :D

If u knew some 1 was a athlest would u buy things off them if u thought they wouldent do something bad with ur money

I walk into stores and buy things without knowing if the shareholders of those corporations believe in God.

As long as it’s nothing illegal - I don’t think there’s a problem.

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Cut the “texting” speech and post complete sentences!

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(I second Jay.)

You of the many Ps,
Is your first language not English, or are you dyslexic? If neither, you need to learn how to spell. Please. It drives me more than a little crazy.
Also, STOP WORRYING ALL THE TIME ABOUT STUFF LIKE THIS. Talk to a priest. You could even call CAF and talk to Father Serpa, I’m sure he’d be helpful.

ETA: If it wasn’t something I shouldn’t buy, like porn or a machine gun, I’d buy it. That the guy’s an atheist makes no difference as to what he’s selling, and since he’s not going to do anything bad with it, I see nothing wrong with giving him my custom. If Catholics refused to buy from atheists just because of their religion, atheists would start to have a negative impression of the Catholic faith because they’d think we hated them, not just don’t like what they believe.

i think ur mad becuase u want a name like mine

also what is a custom

“Giving someone your custom” is a phrase that means “buying stuff from them”. I use a lot of words and phrases that died in the nineteenth century, because even though English is my first language, I learned a lot of it from books rather than speaking.

Also, Many-Ps, I’m sorry if I was rude to you in that earlier post. However, I could change my name to a name like yours if I wanted one - I’m not attached to my post count at all. I could be qqqqqqq or something, and we could be the twins with you worrying all the time and me shouting at you not to worry. It’d make a great comedy act.

People will just stop replying to your illegible posts.

It really is most annoying that you do not write properly. :mad:


Last thread got removed
no rude comments please :smiley:

I don’t know what an “Authest” is.


I assume you mean athiest? :smiley:

I probably would, but it would depend on what the circumstances were, what I was trying to buy, and what they were selling.

So I didn’t vote, since my answer would be in between yes and no.

As a practice, I do not ask the religious stance of merchants.

They would just love it in a shopping line, 5 people with loaded baskets behind me and I ask the clerk “excuse me, do you believe in God?” - seems a bit silly to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

how true!!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I would assume that at some point in time I have done business with atheists, and will likely continue to do so in the future. I have never in my life asked the religious affiliation of any merchant or service provider when doing business. I don’t see how it would matter if the guy who sells my groceries or fixes my car is an atheist or not.

Now, that being said, if the hypothetical atheist in your poll question had a store called The Atheist Emporium, I likely would not do business there simply because I would probably not be in the targeted demographic.

Yes, but I prefer to give my business to people I know are Christians. If there are 2 businesses in town that sell thing-a-ma-jigs and I need one, if I know the owner of one store goes to my church and I know the owner of the other store is an atheist, I will buy my thing-a-ma-jig from the guy at church.

i voted yes, alot of people who claim to be athiests are really angry at God for something. many who are will come to Christ some day, by our treating them merciful does more to Witness the faith to these people and hopefully brings them to the Lord someday.

true my hockey friend

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