POLL: Alb or Cassock and Surplice

  • Alb
  • Cassock and Surplice
  • Both

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If C and S what color do you want or does your altar boys wear?

Is this poll asking our preference(s), or the practice in our respective parishes? :confused:

Both your preference and what you’d like

Aren’t my preference and what I’d like the same thing? :wink:

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You got me there Hahaha what I meant was what the parish has and what you’d like sorry

We use a red cassock and white cotta with the MC’s cotta having a lace trim to identify them to the other servers in my home parish and at uni the parish uses a plain white alb with a red cincture. At the University chaplaincy on the odd occasion where we have servers, we serve in street clothes.

The alb is better, imo. Less clutter.

During my formation as an altar server, we were told that we are serving out of our baptismal dignity and our distinct way of participation at the Mass, hence the alb as the white garment we received in Baptism. This is the norm in my Diocese, and in all Diocesan events, such as ordinations - the servers wear albs.

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Black cassock white cotta.

Do you get other colours for servers?

Edit: Oh yes, I have seen red cassocks on occasion as well, but I prefer them in black. Or at least to match.

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No preference because it doesn’t really matter.


Cassock and surprise is definitely my preference, and it is what I serve in.

There are occasions when an alb may be more appropriate though, such as in a monastery.

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In my parish, the servers wear white albs. I have seen red or black cassocks in other parishes.

I love a good surprise with my cassock :wink:


Whoops! Dang autocorrect! :joy:

I know irishmom I should’ve put this on casual discussion whoops :joy::sweat_smile:

In tropical countries altar boys usually wear white but it depends on the PP’s preference and our surplices have laces (again depends on the PP) whether you’re a senior or a junior or an MC

I went to many Masses around Asia and never saw a single server.

The priests all wore white cassocks though, I suppose because its so hot.

Black cassocks and white surplus and I like that. Looks very “spiffy”.

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Our servers wear black cassock with cotta (or surplice… or short white garments that are a cross between the two :wink: ).

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Women/girls don’t wear cassocks, so definitely albs.

I have to agree with you on that one girls for me fit albs much better it just looks nicer for some reason

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