Poll: Americans overwhelmingly prefer 'neither' to Obama or Clinton


A poster to the 2016 GOP candidates thread complained (or perhaps just remarked) that there was no similar poll at CAF for the Democratic Candidates. At that time Hillary Clinton was so far ahead of any Democratic possible that such a story was not being published beyond the lopsided numbers.

That may soon change if this story is a gauge on what is happening in the Democratic party.

So 'til a more competitive poll is published … there is THIS in the meanwhile:

**Poll: Americans overwhelmingly prefer ‘neither’ to Obama or Clinton

washingtonexaminer.com/poll-americans-overwhelmingly-prefer-neither-to-obama-or-clinton/article/2556014 < from the Washington Examiner 11/11/2014

In a new Economist/YouGov poll of public preferences, far more Americans chose “neither” over the two Democratic leaders when asked this simple question:

[quote][size=]***“Which politician do you prefer?”***


The answer:

Obama - 21 percent

Clinton - 25 percent

Neither - 45 percent

Clinton can take no pleasure from winning, according to the poll analysis: “Liking her better only means she is simply the lesser of two evils.”

Broken down by party, the GOP picks Clinton over Obama, mostly because they dislike him more, and the Democrats are split along racial and gender lines.

“Republicans overwhelmingly prefer Clinton to the president. But that’s only because they think he is worse. In the first question, 86% of Republicans said they preferred neither of them, but half of that group said they thought the president was worse than Clinton, compared with only 14% who thought Clinton was,” said the polling outfit.

“Democrats are closely divided on whether they prefer Clinton or the president. There are gender and race differences on this question. Women prefer Clinton more than men do; African-Americans choose the country’s first black president by three to one, while whites prefer Clinton two to one,” said the poll.


In my search to replace my “small pension plus per diem substitute teaching” career with something more upwardly mobile - I am considering changing my name and running on the Democratic ticket for President.

After all Barack Obama was “Barry Soetoro” and Hillary Clinton was born “Hillary Rodham”.

Per this poll I’ve decided upon the name “Doctor King Neither” (thereby kicking off my lightly financed campaign by having already won in THIS poll). :smiley:

Doctor? Not a title … but there’s no law against adopting this as a name.

King? Not a title either … but appeals to one demographic due to Martin Luther King … and another due to Billie Jean King. Such trivia swings elections (or at least nominations in some quarters).

Neither? As I said … it is a choice some voters have already made.

On the more serious side, this poll included Republicans … who might have padded the Neither vote I think. But still, CAN legitimately be called “voters” - as the poll did. :wink:

YOUR thoughts?


Hmm. Too late to ADD a poll (for our posters) since the word POLL is in this headline?

I’d propose the “three” named here (Obama could be Michelle, who’d still be eligible) plus
“Other” with posters explaining WHOM if they wish on their subsequent posts.

Don’t see an option for me to do that NOW. :confused:


I’d vote for Neither. :stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: - I will do my best. :wink: YOU can call me “King” :smiley:


I voted for the political party that had the best chance of defeating Obama. And if Hillary Clinton wants to run I will do the same again since her policies would be more of the same.


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