Poll: Amid Obamacare skepticism, confidence in Obama wanes


From CBS News:

As President Obama’s job approval rating plunges to the lowest of his presidency and Americans’ sour on his handling of health care, also taking a hit is confidence in his management of the government as well as a number of personal qualities.

Most notably, weeks after the fumbled opening of the health care exchanges, just 32 percent approve of how Mr. Obama is handling the issue of health care, down eight points from September, and the lowest since CBS News began asking the question in 2009.


Just seven percent of Americans think the Affordable Care Act is working well and should be kept in place as it is. Instead, 48 percent think there are some good things in the law, but changes are needed to make it work better, and another 43 percent think the law needs to be repealed entirely.

Sounds like he’s doing a great job and accomplishing everything he intended to accomplish in his presidency.


If we’re reading the same poll, realclear has it at 31/61 approve disapprove.

That’s getting down into the lowest point for Bush during his second term.

In other polls I noticed on realclear, the democrats are now in trouble in Michigan and Colorado with their Senate seats, which is huge. They lose one of those, the Senate goes GOP no question in 2014.

And how about Clinton trailing Christie, Paul and Ryan in Colorado.

Hyperinflation isn’t even here yet.

The ObamaCare law is having a big impact.


And it looks like it will continue. Its being predicted that now up to 100 million will lose their insurance by fall of 2014. It is also being reported that Obama admin manipulated the numbers to falsely create an unemployment rate drop - just in time for his re-election and claim that the economy was rebounding. The lies, frauds and failures of the Obama seem to know no bounds. His credibility has been damaged beyond repair imo. Of course he’s not running anymore, but he sure can drag down other Democrats with him. Progressive catholics, if Democrats lose, who will carry on the valiant battle to keep Planned Parenthood open?



This is very sad for the President, personally. Campaigning seems to be the only thing he is good at. Maybe with all the practice he is getting, his golf game will improve in retirement.


Who on earth on the 31% that approve?


The fact that anyone was confident in this fraud before speaks volumes about this country.

Way to catch up with the rest of us, America.


I don’t know. Perhaps the details of the poll would tell us. But one can make some guesses without fearing to be too far wrong.

Blacks are about 10-12% of the population. Probably few have abandoned Obama.
Hispanics are about 13% of the population. I have read that Obama’s support among them is slipping, but with a prior 70%+ voting for him, it would have to come a long way to be significant.

Hard core liberals are perhaps 20-25% of the population. Some are probably miffed that Obama hasn’t nationalized everything in the whole country yet and sent conservatives to forced labor camps, but who else are they going to support?


I’m afraid of Janet Yellen and it seems the Republicans aren’t helping.

What the Yellen vote will tell us about today’s Republican Party


The blue states could learn a lot from Oklahoma. :thumbsup:


Like any other government program, the people getting a subsidy.


It is kind of a mess.
Any partisan delight that people may take over Obama finally being disgraced so badly by his own incompetence and hubris is mitigated by the fact that people’s health care is being harmed by the fraud that Obama and the Democrats perpetrated against the American people.


That’s actually true, and very unfortunate.


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