POLL: CAF Bible Study. What Next?


Now that the study of the epistle of St. James is winding down as we have worked our way through the entire book, I think it’s probably a good idea to begin talking about what book of the New Testament we would like to study next.:bible1:

I personally think it might be really good for us to move to one of the four Gospels, but I’m open to whatever the majority is hungry for.

I would like to study either John or Luke.:twocents:

Please vote and then offer your thoughts.:slight_smile:
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An entire gospel seems like too long for me to attend to a thread. I dropped out of the James one because I was offline for a week. But of the gospels, I’d pick John. Right now, my personal attention is on the creation accounts in Genesis. In the NT, the one I have the most trouble reading by myself is 2Corinthians. I don’t know if that is a vote for or against, though.:o


Out of the four gospels I would prefer John at the moment. Although after James, it would be interesting to study one of St. Paul’s epistles like Romans or Galatians. But like CM said its up to the majority.


I picked Luke because I have already done a Bible study on John’s Gospel and Epistles (plus Revelation) in my parish Bible study class. I have read but never studied Luke, so I would appreciate a study of Luke. Whatever the majority decides is fine with me though.:slight_smile:


I don’t care. I just want to be involved in this one.


Please, somebody send me a message and tell me how I “join” in the study.

Why not do some of the short NT books, one at a time?

Does this study look at the literal, allegorical, moral, and anagogical “senses” of scripture?


I agree with Mommyof4. I also would like to be included this time. And John would be fine.


Tell ya what guys.

I think that when Ferdinand Mary stickies the new thread after we have discerned what we want to study, I will take it upon myself to PM each of you with the link so that you don’t miss out because I really like that we had a good crowd last study. There was some very good discussion and I think we all learned something good. (Many somethings good in my case! :slight_smile: )

I suggest that each of you that has expressed an interest in this study subscribe to this thread and then to the study thread when it’s opened and that way every day when you check your e-mail, you’ll be brought up to speed and can then come on and post your comments and insights.

You can always dump the subscription once FM locks this one when we have made our decision.

I’ve already got this thread subscribed so I don’t miss any posts. :slight_smile:


I voted for Luke, though I’m not sure why. I really would like to see some discussion on Mark.

I’m looking forward to this discussion, too!


Okay, the other study thread is closed.

Please weigh in on what you guys want to study so that Ferdinand Mary can set it up for us. We probably need to get started ASAP.

I think we might be able to finish the Gospel (whichever one you guys choose) by Pentecost, which would be good since that is where it takes place…at the end of the Gospels and the birthday of the church. :slight_smile:


We need more input here for us to decide what to do.

C’mon guys!


Anything! Really! You guys choose. I just want to be involved in whatever discussion goes on.


You can count on it Mo4. :thumbsup:


Since you just finished James, it would be interesting in the extreme to go immediately to St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans, often (mistakingly) thought to be the anti-thesis of James.


An interesting idea.


What about doing the next study with one of the earlier Gospels written? I vote for Matthew


Ok, let’s try to get all the polling done by this Saturday, because I think we should begin by next week guys.

So far, it looks like John is out front, but there is plenty of time for more voting.:bible1:

As I said before, I will PM each of you with the link to the new study as soon as it’s ready. I promise. :slight_smile:
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.


I cast a vote for John!


Last call people! This poll will close on Sunday and the new study will begin Monday if all goes well on Ferdinand Mary’s end.

BTW I want to extend a special and public thanks to FM for his cooperation and support of this fledgling endeavor.:thumbsup:
[SIGN][size=]FM YOU ROCK![/size][/SIGN]


If I can be so bold as to add my 2 cents…John

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