Poll: Calvin Klein billboard

I decided to create a poll based on the Calvin Klein billboard discussion. As with any poll, I realize limitations exist with a CAF poll because of the faith backgrounds of the respondents and opinions MAY differ from the general population. With that being said, I’m going to try it anyway. I’m not very good at creating polls but will try to make choices to cover different opinions regarding the removal of the Calvin Klein billboard and leave it up to the respondents to share comments if they wish to do so.

I found the billboard objectionable because it was indecent and immoral. As a parent, I do not want my children exposed to such nor do I want to see it myself. It was nearly pornographic and should not have ever been put up in a public place.

Do you have a link to a pic of the billboard? I don’t know the one you are asking about.

Edit: OK - I saw the pic on the other thread. DISGUSTING!!! :mad::mad::mad:

Sorry, I should have put the link in my initial post. Here is a link to an article showing the billboard for those who have not seen it. WARNING: It is indecent.


If you don’t want to actually view it, here is a description of the billboard from: myfoxny.com/dpp/news/local_news/nyc/090624_calvin_klein_billboard

“The first billboard, plastered on the side of a SoHo building, featured teenagers who were only wearing jeans, engaged in what looks to be a foursome. On a sofa, one topless girl was kissing one male as she laid on top of another male. Below them on the floor was another male who is lying with his pants and shirt unbuttoned.”

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