Poll: Denomination of "Non-Denominationals"?


In your experience, what denomination are most “non-denominational” churches?


I really don’t believe there are any non-demonination churches. These are churches that break off from another church, denomiation or sect, because they have a “falling out” for one reason or another. The problem is that they have a difficult time actually separating themselves without coming up with some new and different theology. Many non-dom’s are loosly related to one "center’ group. Picture the center of a sunflower and all the petals. The petals are the non-dom’s who get help in running their small churchs from the “center”. The non-dom’s are expected to have the same philosophy as the “center”, evangelical, pentecostal, etc. The small church sends the center money for missionaries, etc.

I know of a church that started out within the past 3 years. The minister was upset at the minister from his old church, so he started his own. He now has about 75 worshippers attending and he has united his church to the “center” affiliation in order to have help in his church. This is a pentecostal, non-dom church. So, how can they be non-dom if they are pentecostal? They want those who are “searching” to think that they are not going to be tied into any particular form of worship or belief system, when, in fact, they are.

Since these “new churches” often fail because of lack of funds and participants, you have to be prepared to find a new church or start your own, when your “new church” folds.

I feel fortunate that no matter what the problems in our church are, it will not fold and I will always have the Eucharist. I can go to any city or country and find “my church”.

Love and peace


Most of them around here are Baptist in their theology. One minister I know said he was using the name “Community Church” to try to draw in those who, for whatever reason, didn’t want to go to a Baptist church, but he was Baptist through and through.






[quote=DeFide]In your experience, what denomination are most “non-denominational” churches?



Peace be with you!

I don’t even like the term “non-demoninational”…they should just say “Protestant” because you know that a “non-denominational” church will not be Catholic/Orthodox.

In Christ,


[quote=Rand Al’Thor]Peace be with you!

I don’t even like the term “non-demoninational”…they should just say “Protestant” because you know that a “non-denominational” church will not be Catholic/Orthodox.

In Christ,

Yeah, but all the “nondenominational” churches that I know of, are independent Baptist churches. And independent Baptists will wrestle you to the ground, swearing that they are :confused:not Protestants; they say they are :whacky: direct successors to John the Baptist.


If you chose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

In my experience non-denominationals are people who are tired of what they call the “organization” and the “politics” of religion. It may start out as a sweet idea, but it is in our human nature to organize, and eventually offering plates get handed around, doctrines get set up (do we baptize infants or not), Is Everyone REALLY allowed (homosexual unions), OSAS or no, and before you know it…nondenominational looks an awful lot like…

A Baptist church.


From my own personal experience it has been Pentacostal. A great resource I found when investigating the ‘non-denominational’ church in question was the Wikipedia site:


There are lot of churches out there!


From what I have seen many of the mega churches that claim to be non denominational are really nothing more than Assemblies of God churches. Of course their non denominational arguements are bull.


:hmmm: :shrug: Well, I just took a denomination quiz with 24 denominations listed. My top five, closest match first, are: Evangelical Lutheran, Lutheran/ Missouri Synod, Eastern Orthodox Church, Assemblies of God and Church of Christ. My lowest matches, least matching first, are: Unitatian Universalist, Unity, Liberal Quaker, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormon. The Roman Catholic Church ranked #10 of the 24 options, whereas my first denomination from when I started going to church a few years ago, Evangelical Friends, wasn’t listed, but if “Orthodox Quaker” is the same thing, anyway, it came in at #19.


Could you please provide a link to the quiz? I took one on beliefnet, but it did not specify denominations. It just had Conservative Protestant and Mainline/Liberal Protestant. I’m a Catholic, but I’d like to try your quiz.


That has been my experience too.


My non-denom church probably mirrors southern baptist beliefs. We are fundamentals in that we follow the basic fundamentals of the bible not the legalistic fundies that give the word a bad name.

We are also an evangelical church just meaning we reach out to our community and expose them to the gospel. No one in my church goes out and wrestles people to the ground and crams the bible down their throat of course;)

I would say our church has the same core beliefs as conservative protestant churches and definitely the same moral values that the CC upholds.:thumbsup:

I LOVE MY CHURCH(meaning the people in it)
:extrahappy: :love: :extrahappy: :love:


The ones I’ve seen most closely resemble Assemblies of God

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