Poll: Do you always carry rosary beads with you?


Do you carry a set of rosary beads with you at all

  • Always! I feel naked leaving home without them!
  • Sometimes. I’ll take them if I think I may be using them.
  • Never! The Rosary just isn’t my thing.
  • Other. Explain below. (example: well I do have that “emergency set” hanging from my rear view mirror.)

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I still have all ten of my fingers, so I’ve always got one.


I have always carried a set, even when I was a self professed pagan, I’d have a set in my purse or car. I believe in the rosary and the power of the Blessed Mother. It’s the one thing I kept and never doubted.


I just dont really know how I would carry them around!


Well there’s one next to my recliner and one in my car. Does that count? I have a one and a two decade bracelet that I wear often but carrying one all the time would mean putting it into the black hole that is my purse. Not wise for me.


I always have one in my backpack (since I’m in college).

Also always have my crucifix and miraculous medal necklace


The few times I don’t have them is always when the priest or someone decides we will now pray the Rosary.
I keep an emergency one in the car for that, but almost always I wear a Rosary around so I can hopefully get a Rosary and Divine Mercy in while I drive.


Somewhere between Always and Most of the time. There’s one in my purse and one in each of my winter coats; the goodish one and the scruffy one. Coats that is, not Rosaries. :slight_smile:


I said 100% if I have my purse with me.


I love praying the rosary but I don’t carry them with me, mostly because I’m scared of losing them! I will take a set with me if I’m traveling or going on vacation, but I don’t normally carry them in my pocket everywhere I go.


I thought that too when I started carrying… but St. Anthony loves Our Lady and helps me out :smiley:


Actually there is almost no place around me where there isn’t a rosary; one in each room, in the hallways upstairs and down, on the porch, a couple in my purse, a couple in my sweater, a couple in my coats, and many special ones for special uses (like my grandmother’s which is carried at funerals).


Sometimes in the morning, I take my Rosary with me as I take a walk before going to my job.


I try to have my Rosary with me when I am at school. So I put sometimes


The few times I don’t carry mine, I find myself missing them.


I keep mine in a leather pouch in a side pocket. I wear cargo pants most of the time, so it works for me. I can see where if I were wearing regular jeans or dress psnts, it might not be so easy.


Always. I keep a Rosary in my truck in case I ever forget to grab my favorite one on the way out the door.


Never . . . but why haven’t I thought of doing that? (Face-palm!)


That’s a good idea. I’d feel more comfortable carrying a rosary in a pouch than without any protection. :grinning:


I voted other because the option for never included “it’s not my thing”. So…it can’t be “my thing” unless I take it everywhere?

I honestly don’t understand why anyone would take a rosary around everywhere with them. Maybe I can get some insight from this thread.

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