Poll: Do you always carry rosary beads with you?


I never considered that. I should have made the option “Carrying them around everywhere with me is not my thing”. I still would have needed an option for those who don’t pray the rosary at all. I guess I didn’t think it out all the way.

I carry mine all the time out of habit. When I started getting back into my faith, I would drop by the Adoration chapel whenever the spirit moved me to. The first time I didn’t have my rosary with me. The secretary in the church office gave me a set of plastic beads with white string. You have probably seen the kind I am referring to. Even the cross is plastic. She told me to keep them. I still have those in my car for emergencies. My regular set I keep on my person just in case. I feel strange when I don’t them with me.

When my wife and I go out somewhere, we ask each other “got your rosary?”


Whenever I wear my medal and crucifix, they get wrapped up with each other.


I make my own rosaries, so I have no excuse not to take one with me everywhere!


One in a bag and another in a car, following what I was taught in Catholic primary school.


I make mine, too, but mostly use my fingers especially when walking during the winter. When biking during the summer my attention is needed on the other bikers, pedestrians and car drivers. There is a rosary in my backpack but I use it very seldom, fingers come in more handy for keeping track of the Hail Mary´s.


I usually have at least two. One for me and one to give away.


Put them on the same chain. Problem solved! :wink:


I just had the issue where I had two things on one chain; a crucifix and a oval shaped medal. They overlapped and in a very short time the shiny finish on the crucifix began to get dull, where it rubbed against the medal. This was a solid 10k yellow gold cross, and solid 14k yellow gold medal. The medal wasn’t effected at all. My wife suggested using something on the chain to act as a spacer. Like a gold ball or tube. I haven’t tried that. I have a bigger problem with my scapular getting tangled in the chain my crucifix is on. It’s always something.


I have a rosary with me pretty much everywhere I go. I carry a couple in my purse, one in my work bag, a couple in my car and I have at least 20 at home. The only time I wouldn’t have one handy is if I don’t take my purse with me.


Other, I have my ten fingers and can say the rosary in my head…plus I have a rosary ring in my bag. It’s more durable to carry around. I do have my rosary with me on occasion, such as today when I took it to church to pray it. I pray it every day so it’s definitely my thing but I dont want to lose it and I would not hold it praying while walking down the road or sitting on a bus so I just use my head and fingers or the ring if I am feeling foggy headed and fear losing count.


That’s a great idea!


I have learned to try to keep them away from my earbuds though…


I have three things on the same chain. One 14k White Gold and two Sterling Silver. Mine aren’t scratched or dulled at all. :thinking:


Get a rosary pouch


That’s a good idea, thanks! That one is really nice.


Thank you. I’m sure you can find them online. I got mine at my parish gift shop.


Chi Rho Embroidered Rosary Case with Silver Tone Crucifix, 3 1/4 Inch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IU13TOE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_VdjxCbG719MSZ


That one is similar to the one I have, except there is a gold cross stamped on the side of mine. The embroidered Chi-Rho on yours looks awesome.


I was disappointed. It made me doubt that the crucifix wasn’t plated or filled. The cross was supposed to be solid, and Body of Jesus, rhodium. First they told me it was white gold. I ended up returning it within a week, because of my doubt.



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