Poll: Do you always carry rosary beads with you?


Thanks! :grinning:

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Years ago I use to carry Rosary Beads

However, after breaking and repairing my favorite pair, I changed to a Rosary Ring

But, now I can use my fingers just as easily, so I don’t bother anymore



I always carry a rosary in my purse, so as long as I have my purse with me I also
have a rosary with me.


I have a set in my purse, all the time.

But I carry it more because my mom gave them to me, rather than I use them all of the time.


I may do that, thanks


You are right! Fingers are much more handy and useful when doing the Chaplet, or Rosary. I’m not sure if it’s acceptable, but share a picture of some of your work! Would love to see it.


I keep mine in a rosary pouch. When its not in my pocket it is next to my wallet and money clip, so I don’t ever forget it.


I have my original set from my first holy communion in 1975. I keep two sets in a pouch in my jacket pocket. As a gift my husband gave me a sterling silver set that I never take off. So, I guess my answer is Yes, I always carry rosary beads with me.


I always have a rosary in my computer bag and I have a couple in my car and a few in my house.

But I can’t say it’s always on my person.

God Bless


In my pocket. If I don’t have a pocket it’s in my purse

By the way I can tell you stories that prove having it with you is protection

I repair them if anyone has a special one in need of repair.


I am CERTAIN our mother Mary is all smiles because you carry one to give away. You will truly be blessed :heart:


My Miraculous Medal is back to back of my crucifix on one link. I repair rosaries so I added the medal myself and Jesus doesn’t get scratched up or worn because Mary’s medal is behind Him Try that maybe.


I have a couple of spares, and I think I might start carrying a second one so I can give one away if the occasion arises.


Thank you, :slight_smile: It was very inexpensive. But it works great for me.


I don’t always have a Rosary with me, but I own more than one Rosary. I usually have one with proximity of where I am.


Have em in the glove box and my uniform.

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