Poll: Do You Consider Yourself Liberal or Conservatie?

Do you consider yourself more liberal or conservative?

Other- I’m a mix of both for both economic and social issues.

None of the above. And yes I saw the ‘other’ choice, but even that is inadequate because it’s impossible to know what your frame of reference is. It could be political, religious, or something else entirely.

I chose “Other” - for a moment I wavered and almost picked “Fiscally liberal - socially conservative” but I really let my Catholic Faith be my guide in all these things, transcending political or sociological labels. Also, I can usually recognize both good and bad in about any point of view on an issue, so “Other” seemed the best choice in the end. :slight_smile:

Conservative with some Libertarian leanings.

Tea Party … Govt. is way too big.

Well my view tend to be a bit more liberal in terms of laws and money. However I am a faithful Catholic who holds to all o fe teachings of the Church even ones I don’t like. I choose other because I am going to follow the Church’s teachings on all political matters. Also it is fine the I tend to be more liberal because many of the Church’s teachings fall into this category but not all of them

Now if one of the good moderators will combine these two liberal/conservative poll threads, we will have the definitive answer! :wink:

Impossible to answer.

Socially, politically I am liberal. In my Faith I am conservative.

I don’t really like putting a label on myself, especially as most political parties and positions lately seem to be to perpetually tuned to WII-FM (What’s in it for me).

Part of what I see as a problem is that the human race has become incredibly myopic. We’re concerned with what happens with the next national sports tournament, the next movie or video game, maybe the next election, but not much father down the road.

There’s no national discussion about what the future of the planet should be, outside of some hand waving about climate change. There’s no real, concrete plan to establish a permanent human presence in space. I have yet to see anyone trot out a five hundred year plan for the world. Sure, none of us would live to see the fruition of plans, and events/technology may well overtake them, but without even a dialog started, we’re like a rudderless ship that is slowly depleting our resources without anything to show for it.

Outside of that, all I want is some fiscal sanity in Washington, an end to fighting nonstop colonial wars that just seem to make the globe less stable, and the budding police state to be nipped in the bud. Not sure what political position that matches up with…unrealism, maybe.

Liberal or conservative what? Liberal or conservative how?

I wouldn’t dare answer a question like this without the questioner’s definition of what is liberal and what is conservative.


I’m pro-life, pro-family, and pro-worker. Therefore, I don’t fit into either the Conservative or Liberal political families.

I have looked at the American Solidarity Party, but since it is based on Catholic Social Teachings it will never succeed in secular America. Sad.

Neither, I consider myself Catholic.
I know there are some HUGE differences between some American Catholics and Catholics from the rest of the world and that one of them is about this so called “liberal” and “conservative” way of being catholic.
This is the modern society’s labels not the Church’s label.
It’s a take it or leave it religion isn’t it?
I mean, either you do follow Rome and its authority or you simply don’t.
For instants, there is no way of being catholic and In favor of birth control.
If you’re in favor of things that the catechism clearly states are mortal sins you simply aren’t catholic or am I wrong? At least you aren’t a practising catholic.

So the terms doesn’t even apply…

I resent being called a conservative or liberal. I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican.
Why the labels?
People seem to relish calling one another idiots, morons etc. etc. because of their opinions of politicians sitting or wanting to sit in elected seats. Because you are a Democrat you are liberal and because you are a Republican…conservative?
I feel that is silly and juvenile.
Why can’t we just be FREE thinking adults?

I am registered independent, but in the current political climate have been forced to go with the republican party for the last several years. Hooray for polarization!

I think this poll was about politics, not faith.

But anyhow, I had to say “other”. I’m probably more fiscally liberal than conservative (especially in the American sense, since both parties are actually not only fiscally conservative, but far-right on a global scale). I’m seen as a conservative where I live, but Americans would probably see me as a communist or something.

As for social politics, I identify as a social conservative. But I simply can’t identify with American social conservative politics, and obviously neither with American social liberal politics. They’re both, to be honest, plagued with extremism.

So were I American, I would not vote in elections. Hence choosing “other” in this poll.

I consider myself Catholic. I used to be more US-style “conservative,” and a truly conservative party would have more appeal to me, but US conservative conservatives (as opposed to Republicans) still get certain things wrong and fail to emphasize certain important points.

I still vote, but find myself voting more against extremely radical progressive or leftist politicians than for the person I am voting for. If Hillary Clinton had been running in the last two elections, i would have voted 3rd party if I could have found one.

And I will continue to vote, even if I have to write in people I am voting for, because I do believe that “not-voting” sends only a message of indifference to either party, not the message “a pox on both your houses,” which is what I want to say.

Fair enough, I didn’t notice that the thread where placed under Social justice.
My fault.

But still I can’t see how it’s possible to have a political orientation coexisting with an religious belief/ faith if they don’t share the same fundamental valiues?

Of course you can say that those two things never will match totally, but for a catholic to be for instanse a republican living in a state where they practise death sentence seem deeply morally troubling to me…

But at some point all political directions turns from our faith at some point or another unfortunately:(

Im done voting in my country, there are basically two blocks and both sides fight for matters that our church states as mortal sins so Im better of staying home that day.
At least there will be no blood on my hands that day…
Im sure I commit enough sins without adding to it that day.

I picked conservative because of that more qualifier in there, but I don’t agree with what the political party in the U.S. that calls itself conservative thinks that means in all cases. (In particular, they seem to be wavering where they should stand firm and quiet often end up standing firm where they’re just wrong.)

Is it possible to give blank votes in the States? It is perhaps the best way of showing no confidence in any of the options, provided the blank votes are actually counted.

This is what I do in elections here, though I have honestly considered boycotting elections as such - not out of indifference, but since I don’t believe Western democracies are ruled by the people in our time, but by corporate interests, lobbies, an increasingly exclusive “politician by trade” group making it impossible for regular people to seek office, etc etc. Even by voting blank, I’m legitimizing a system in which I really have no confidence.

However, as you say, not voting at all sends a message of indifference despite it not being the intention, which is why I still give blank votes for the most part. But then if enough people started boycotting the elections, perhaps politicians would get the hint. So there are several considerations to take. But at this time, I agree not voting sends the wrong message, at least if there is a blank option.

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