Poll finds strong US support for abortion restrictions


A new survey from the Knights of Columbus reports that most Americans support abortion restrictions, prompting calls for more legislative and judicial action against abortion.






There is a reason why pro-choice people have such a small window for what they support.


Wow, this is great news!!! :thumbsup:


And see, that’s also the problem. Most people in the US are neither strongly pro-life (options 5 and 6 - 23 % of the population) or strongly pro-abortion (options 1 and 2 - 15% of the population). When push comes to shove, 61% of the population has a view of “Abortion is wrong, and should be limited, but should not be abolished”.

The people on the fence are most vulnerable to the “War on Women” diatribe that the extremists on the Left accuse the GOP of. It’s because of this waffling that most ballot measures to restrict abortion in any way fail. And it is the people on the fence that we, as pro-life people, must do our due diligence to reach. We can’t allow our views to be narrowed to a talking point of the “War on Women”.


More people think abortion should be legal only in cases of rape, incest and saving the life of the mother than in any other circumstance. I am not convinced a direct abortion is ever needed to save the life of the mother. Pro life people have got to do more to reach those people who think abortion should be legal in those cases.

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