POLL: how do you park your car?


Do you drive straight in to your garage, driveway or whatever, so that you have to reverse to get out? Or do you reverse park so that the front of the car is facing the street/outside/whatever?

(For those who is luxurious enough to have an auto system to reverse your car, please don’t vote)

Obviously it also doesn’t apply if you just park on the street.

  • I usually drive straight in most of the time.
  • I usually reverse park most of the time.
  • It can be either about equal of the time, there is no pattern

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When using a parking lot, I search for double open spaces - I drive through one into the next. That way I can drive straight out when leaving.


I find it easier to drive it into the driveway, then back it out.


One of my sisters backed the car out of the garage after her husband backed it into the garage the night before.


I find it more challenging to back into a space, threading the needle between the lines or two cars in reverse, so I rarely do it. My son does it all the time, but he’s a better driver.

I will do it if I get somewhere early and the parking lot is fairly empty, but I know that it will fill up with cars later. Then it is easier to leave, not having to back out.


I find it more challenging to back onto the street with potential traffic. That’s why I reverse park into my garage. At least I know there won’t be suddenly a car coming.


I live in a large multi-unit building with underground parking, so it’s more like a parking lot down there with no fast oncoming cars to worry about.


I would never back my car into my garage as it is attached to my house and I don’t want exhaust fumes being pumped into my house.

But I back into spots in parking lots all the time. It depends on the situation, though. If the parking lot is busy and crowded, I’m not going to back into a space.


I don’t like parking in our driveway if I have the option to park in the street but when the driveway is the only option, how I park depend on whether or not any other cars are in the driveway.

If I have room to maneuver, I back in so it is easy to leave. If there are other cars in the driveway I may just drive straight in and hope I have plenty of time to back out again.


This is also safety as well. If there is emergency then you can leave quickly.


In the driveway and off the street.


I suppose it would all be easier when the car can park itself.


I don’t suppose either opened the door first . . .


When it was just the Miata in my two car garage (my wife’s van won’t fit under the door), I backed in–in something that size, you want every last scrap of visibility.

When we first added the '72 Caddy convertible, I would back it in, with the Miata going in head first, so they could open doors into the same space (I’d built a 2 foot deep shelf setup on the entire side of the wall).

That gave us trouble getting around the caddy and opening the freezer door, so I switched the two the next time the 72 was under power (they don’t run so well with the carburetor on the workbench . . .).

And when the Miata died yet again, the '97 Eldorado Touring Coupe took its place–but after a while (and catching the mirror on a box someone left hanging out of the shelves when I backed in), I usually drive it straight in, keeping the passenger window a couple of inches off the '72 as a guide.

I’m not sure what happens next–the '97 is going to classic status but wants to keep the garage for it’s factory perfect paint (it just had a minor collision that resulted in a total loss payoff and salvage title, so I can’t get normal insurance again), so I’ll probably find myself parking in the driveway–but with the van on one side, and the mesquite tree on the other that’s big enough to shade the van, it will not get much direct sun . . .



The garage had a new entry port. (Or is that a new exit port?)


A car smaller than the one that made the new entry port may use it as an exit port . . .



I think it was a bit smaller after she backed out, so that would work.


“Badly” isn’t an option.


Welcome back Adam. Glad you came back for at least a while.


I’m not allowed to back into my lot at my apartment complex. There’s specifically a sign that says no reverse parking.

Nazis. The whole lot of them.


Harsh word, do not throw it around.

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