Poll: How do you typically receive the Body of Christ?

  • In my cupped hands, right over left
  • In my cupped hands, left over right
  • On my tounge, hands folded/clasped

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I am left handed is why my right hand is over my left.


Hey. that is a horrible picture when one is viewing this topic…I am not voting but will flag this in a few minutes. The topic of holy Communion . Horrible photo

Forget it…if people like worms…they can eat them for their soup. :dizzy_face: Not flagging .

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Well, the topic is a can of worms and seems to create controversy. It will no doubt be closed whether it is flagged or not. The poll depends on people to reply and many probably will choose not to answer the poll.


Wait why is it controversial?? I didn’t realize people took issue with it :frowning:

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Oops, meant left over right.

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Well, I am a convert of 11 years, so I didn’t realize there was controverdy until I began
reading certain threads here at CAF. How do you receive in your Episcopal church? @Episcopalian


Oh me neither!

Well we can receive it on the tongue, or cupped hands, and are allowed intinction as well.

I usually do the cupped hands, left over right.

It wasn't the topic that made me cringe but all those real worms in a can of soup..😨
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Because the root of the word “sinister” is left-handed, and maybe left-handed people should not receive??? :thinking:

I will be optimistic and see this as an opportunity to laugh at ourselves instead of sinking into judgement.

Um, what the poster meant was that this topic is opening a can of worms.


I can’t vote because I’m Byzantine and receive via spoon.


I’m sorry @DeniseNY! I didn’t realize there was a spoon method.

I tried to change the poll, but I’m locked from altering it :frowning:

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I think it’s just because sometimes people argue over whether it is better to receive in the hand or on the tongue. Since the Church allows both, it really shouldn’t be controversial.

It’s interesting that the results are about 50/50 right now. That’s definitely not the split I see at Mass on Sundays. :smile:


No one asked you to brag :unamused: :joy:


Let’s poll the Apostles and see how they received at the Last Supper…



I wish I had an even bigger can of worms for this one.

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There should be another option as well: On my tounge while kneeling :slight_smile:


The above is the kind of response that makes topics like this a can of worms…

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