Poll: How many of you have seen a solar eclipse?

Just curious where CAF stands on this.

  • I saw the total eclipse of the sun last year in the USA
  • I saw last year’s eclipse, but for me it was only partial
  • I didn’t see last year’s total eclipse, but I have seen other eclipses in the past.
  • I have seen several solar eclipses, including last year’s total.

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I think it was in 1976 that I saw a solar eclipse here in Victoria Australia.I remember all the animals and birds going silent,the hens going to their shed to sleep then the rooster crowing as the sun came out again.
My father had said not to look at the sun,so my younger brother and I just’had’ to have a look !


I saw last year’s, but it was only partial. I saw a total eclipse in Strasbourg, France in 1999, I think. I’m terrible with dates.

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Partial eclipse last summer.
The light got very strange, I can only describe it as looking “metallic”, and there were no shadows. My pinhole viewer showed that most of the sun was occluded, but it didn’t get dark

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I saw a partial when I was very young, with one of those box and white paper viewers that my mom helped me make and use.
I was also in UK for the Millennium Eclipse. A bunch of us had a couple pairs of eclipse glasses that we kept passing round. It was a bit cloudy and the eclipse was only partial where we were, so I honestly don’t recall if we saw much of anything.
I saw the total eclipse in USA last year in Beatrice, Nebraska because my father was born and grew up a stone’s throw from Beatrice, so I saw the eclipse and then drove around dad’s old hometown for a while before flying home. That was a very trippy experience. We were fortunate that the extremely overcast clouds cleared from around the sun just before totality. I had been praying to Jesus and Mary to please make the clouds move away because me and a lot of other people had spent money on air fares and hotels to be there - it was so booked up that I actually had to get a hotel room 2 hours away in Omaha and was lucky to get that.

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That’s when I saw the total eclipse in Strasbourg.

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Plenty of them inc last year’s total eclipse. I bought t-shirts for that one and solar glasses. Yes, they were the official ones.

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When I was young some friends and I x-country skied into the the high country of Montana and winter camped for an eclipse. The most astounding thing was watching the shadow of the moon traverse across the valley floor.

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