POLL: How many people are taking RCIA at your parish this year?

My parish has ranged from 5 to 10 each year over the last four years.

We always have between 25 - 35.

This year it is 28.

But that includes those being baptized, those that have been baptized in another faith, and those that have been baptized Catholic, but need to be confirmed.

I won’t know the break down until Easter vigil.

13, a lucky number. 10 for Baptism/Confirmation & 3 for Confirmation.

Wow, that’s great! Do you live in big cities?

In the 19 years I’ve been here we’ve had 3 converts: a 10 year old who wanted to be like everyone else in her family, a wife who came into full communion from Anglicanism, and a husband who was baptized recently who did all his preparation one on one with the Pastor. Not sure anyone knew of his existence until he was baptized. Only the 10 year old participated in RCIA, that is, in all the rites including the scrutinies. Although she did the preparation one one with Sister, we all knew she was preparing and she is the first and only one to be baptized at the Vigil.

I think we have 13 this year. We normally have over 10. When I was confirmed at our church we had about 23 people I think, which was a lot. It’s normally somewhere around 15 every year.
This is in a very Southern Baptist area of the South, in a town of about 100,000 people.

My parish doesn’t run a class, but I’m aware of one Anglican lady who is receiving private instruction and will be receiving at the Easter Vigil through the Ordinariate.

Wow. Do you live in a really small town?

Pop: 7552 per 2011 census.
~20% Catholic, of those about 10% practicing.

Our population is about 60,000. So not a big city.

The Catholic population for the state is less than 4%.

From Wikipedia:

As of 2004, it contained 65,588 Roman Catholics from a population of just over 1.65 million, and was approximately 4% Roman Catholic.[1] Most of the archdiocese’s Catholic population lives in the Mobile area - 46,503 as of 2000 - and, as a result, the Mobile area is considerably more Catholic than the archdiocese at large. These numbers are based solely on parish membership lists; many Catholics in the area do not formally register with a parish, while many children are often not included in parish lists.

I don’t live in Mobile. Or even close to it.

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