[POLL] How much time do you fast before Holy Communion?

  • Overnight fasting
  • At least 3 hours
  • At least 1 hour
  • No fasting

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Usually an hour, longer if I can help it. Ah, the strains of ‘modern man!’


Transportation takes at least 2 hours and time for prayer = 3 hours.


Normally, about 4 hours +/-. But that’s simply the time between breakfast on Sundays (around 8 am) and Mass (11 am start, with communion at about noon). If the church were closer, or Mass earlier, I’d do the required (1hr).

I get home from Mass at about 1 pm and by then I’m pretty darned hungry.


I usually go to Mass in the morning and it’s usually easier to eat breakfast afterwards even if I have enough time to still get the hour. So I put that as overnight fasting.


Depends on day and time…


Overnight fasting for me.


Usually an hour before Communion itself because if I don’t eat before Sunday Mass (we go to an 8am Mass), I start to feel faint. One time I actually did faint…


I put one hour. Due to a medical condition I cannot go more than three or four hours without eating, so overnight fasting is out of court. I realise my condition exempts me from fasting, but honestly, I don’t feel like having our Lord roiling around with bacon and eggs or cold cereal that might still be hanging around inside. I try to stick to diluted juice before Mass.


I always fast at least 1 hour.

However, if I go to Sunday morning mass, I typically am doing an overnight fast, as I will not eat until I get home.

However, if I’m going to a 6PM Mass, i will often have just an hour fast.


Usually over 3 hours but occasionally only after one hour. The overnight fasting isn’t that hard for a 7:30AM mass, lol.


I thought you were an overnight person


Indeed. Many people can’t fast that long. It’s a cross that not so many people understand


Would probably be overnight, since I now go to Mass at 7:45 am most Sundays and usually will not have had breakfast until after that.

I don’t think I’d fast much more than the required hour if I went later (my parish also has 9/10:30/12/1:30/7 plus many more churches pretty close by so lots of options), although on the off time I go to Saturday evening Mass it’d be closer to three or four again because of when I eat.


I’m intrigued by the expression “overnight fasting”. Fasting is a deliberate act but overnight you are simply sleeping, not fasting. Okay you are not eating while sleeping but that is not fasting.


I’m afraid not. I try to go as long as I can, but due to my preference for evening mass when I can’t get to my local TLM (the morning OF is filled with kitschy folksy guitar music) that’s quite hard to do. If only I had the endurance of the desert fathers…


From the end of the previous evening’s meal if the Mass starts before noon, at least one hour if not. The second scenario is rare at the moment.


Our parish Church has 10 Masses every Sunday so nobody should ever be able to use the excuse they were not able to fast.


How do you figure? “Fasting” means nothing more than abstaining from food, reason or feasibility notwithstanding. When a doctor tells you to fast 12 hours before a surgery she doesn’t mean to abstain from food for 10 hours before going to bed and then another 2 hours when you wake up before the surgery, she means do not eat any food for 12 hours before the surgery, most of which will be while you’re sleeping, don’t wake up and have any midnight snacks. What’s the name of the first meal of the day in English? break-fast. In Spanish? Des-ayuno (literally “to un-fast”).


Low carb, high fat diet allows you that.

When I was full on this diet I could be up to 28 hours without eating (and at least 16 hours)

Its a real game changer

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