Poll: Keep unaccompanied children who cross into U.S. here


Poll: 69% of Americans want unaccompanied migrant kids to stay in the U.S. on.msnbc.com/1mcDP2g


Help them get through the process of citizenship and try to have their families legally be able to come over. Start some sort of program that can help them become good citizens.




I don’t believe it.


I am praying about this, and first of all, seeing the numbers, I cannot but help this see this as political.

These children’s best interest are really not taken at heart.

Yes, we are to care for these children at this time.

But I have a low opinion of parents who give their daughters pills, knowing they will be sexually abused and raped, so the parents can use them to get a foothold in our country and get the benefits of living here…for as long as these benefits are even around in so many years.

These children are being exploited not only by their parents, but also this administration, y the countries harboring and transporting them, to allowing them to be endangered…and I think of the trauma and upheaval these children are already having. Farmers are already posting pictures of dead bodies all inside our country’s borders. And so many thousands of Americans have been killed by bad people crossing, who are also mixing with the children.

Then they are placed in these quarters with so many, and the littlest ones make me want to cry. They put them on buses and then are shipped around, seeing angry people protesting their presence.

This whole scenario is on way to treat these children. They come from agrarian villages.

If they come here, and let’s say they are deported back home, they have absorbed some things from living here…but if they return, it is unlikely that what good they have gained here, will have no avenue to integrate and assimilate back into their native culture.

We have 93 million Americans without work. IT companies are already preparing to let native Americans go and replace them with cheap, foreign labor. We are having bankrupt cities emerging, we have sex offenders all over the place, and gangs coming not only from south of the border, but inner city gangs who appear to be resistant to any help.

You cannot now even have a school bake sale or sell lemonade on the street, or as in the past, allow middle school and high school kids pick berries for the summer to earn some money and save and learn how to handle.

Frankly, these children will end up as some kind of international orphans, not feeling at home here or if they go back, home will not be the same.

I think it best to return them to their parents.

I also know Honduras is the most violent now among the American nations. But still, the overall way this is all playing out…it is not right and very upsetting to me.


If God were to test the faith of American Christians, what better way to do it than by flooding our southern border with a deluge of illegal immigrants? What better timing for the test than a time of economic woe and high unemployment? What clearer, more stark choice could he offer between the divine ways of God or the secular ways of men.
Rest of the article is here" Test of Faith


Deport.100% for sure. But if they are needing help, we need to figure a way to help these people where their governments don’t steal what we donate.


Treat each one as if they were Jesus Himself.



There’s just not an easy answer to this. The most recent Pew research report stated that 90% of these children entering illegally are actually teenagers, mostly boys. A significant number of them have existing gang or drug cartel affiliation.

Yet, the pictures we see in the media are mostly of very young, vulnerable children.

Not even the “Baby Jesus was a refugee” affiliates think that the US should give no-questions-asked amnesty to drug dealers and gang members. And no one can pull out a Catechism quote that says we should either. And these older teens are not really any different than any other illegal immigrant of the last 20+ years coming here for work. Crossing the border for work and/or government benefits is not a rationale for refugee status.

Now the other 10% need a different approach. There isn’t a “yes, deport them” or “no, keep them all” answer.


I think that Jesus would want them back with their families in Central America rather than have them raped and used as pawns by drug cartels and Obama. :frowning:


Amen! Notice that Nancy Pelosi said that she wished that she could take ALL of them, yet took NONE of them. This whole affair is an attack on America’s sovereignty. The “border” guards are 45 miles away now, and there is no photography allowed. Maybe they don’t want America to see the thousands of "children with beards and gang tats. Ya think? Rob :rolleyes:


If they end up letting all these kids stay,then next time, it will be MUCH more attempting this, sends the wrong message to allow them to stay, set them up in schools, homes, etc.

Although I truly think this mass border crossing was not what it seemed, I really think it was a diversion in order to get something/someone across the border, looking like they were successful too…scary!


Tricky Issue. Need more choices.

Look, I’m a conservative Catholic, but a quick read of Matthew 25: 31-46, says we must do something more than just a quick “deport them”.

However, we also have to do something to ensure we do not create incentives for other central American parents to pay money they cannot afford to trust their children to rotten people (coyotes) and the risk sexual abuse and death of their kids.

This issue is complex…requires much thought and prayer and a healthy dose of pragmatism.


I agree. I don’t feel comfortable deporting the children, but I also really worry about setting a precedent if we let them stay. It could well take years to sort out who is here now, if we ever do. Maybe just send back the less vulnerable adults; but I don’t believe most of these people will ever see a court hearing. Visible, effective measures to shut the more vulnerable parts of the border down (such as the national guard) would certainly discourage surges like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Republican victories at the mid-term would also change the tone of the debate as well, which in turn will change the “message” going out. (That is of course assuming there are Republican mid-term victories. ;))


At my client’s home this evening, I saw a picture of a girl about 8 or 9, walking outside in Honduras, with about 3 grown up men behind her…it made me want to cry…and adopt her…virginal, pure, clutching her bag.

So many like her…and the reports of the killings there.

I wonder what good it would do to have government militias go there to stop the carnage.

Still…this whole affair is a set up to destroy our nation’s sovereignty…that is my impression…and yes, to use children … how can we turn our back on them???


You mean send them back and THEN try to figure out a way. Do YOU have a way to accomplish that?


I refuse to vote in this poll, as I think the choices are messed up.

The choices given are:

*]Treat as refugees and allow them to stay
*]Treat as illegals and deport them

The condition of “refugee” has a very specific definition and is, by its very definition, a temporary condition. There is no legal requirement to keep a refugee into perpetuity.

According to the UN Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees:

A refugee is one who has a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it.

The condition of being a refugee ends…

…when he can no longer, because the circumstances in connection with which he has been recognized as a refugee have ceased to exist, continue to refuse to avail himself of the protection of the country of his nationality…

Let’s take a look at the definition of refugee. Are these people being persecuted because of their race? Are they being persecuted because of their religion? Are they being persecuted because of their membership in a particular social group? Are they being persecuted because they hold a particular political opinion?

Or are they in danger because of out-of-control crime in the country of their nationality?

Or are they in dire economic straits and desperate to improve their lot?

If the latter two cases exist, they simply aren’t refugees. They are deserving of our pity, but legal refugee status doesn’t seem to apply.

Even if we were to stretch (beyond the point of breaking, by the way) the definition of refugee to include these poor people, there is an end point: when the circumstances that led to the refugee status no longer exists, the refugee is expected to return.

As a consequence, the choices given in the poll are invalid. There should have been three choices:

*]Treat the unaccompanied children as permanent immigrants and allow them to stay
*]Treat the unaccompanied children as refugees and temporarily give them refuge
*]Treat the unaccompanied children as illegals and deport them

Had those been the choices, I would have selected option #2. But those weren’t the choices available.


By the way, there are a number of other polls out there that do not agree with the one cited here. For example:




I am not a citizen of your country and would not presume to vote in the poll. We in Australia decided to maintain our sovereign borders and maintain the right to decide who would and who wouldn’t enter our country. But it seems most Americans ,( according to what I think is a suspect poll pushing an agenda), wish to let them in willy nilly. Damn decent of you ol’ folks, however without some rules you will find the economic and political issues grow over a very short time.
When I was over there I was amazed at the suburban poverty that I never expected. Are you up to this uncontrolled immigration? Do you have the jobs, schools and housing for this number? When will the families follow? What is their history? Do you know anything about them at all? Damn decent, that’s all I can say.


The country is clearly not up to this uncontrolled immigration. But that doesn’t matter. Until our economy is utterly destroyed, we have a moral obligation to accept anybody who presents him/herself. Upon their arrival, we should give each a US Passport, a SNAP (food stamp) card, the keys to a new house and new card, a $2,000 per person stipend, and a Democratic Party voter registration card. Those are the country’s moral obligations.

Sorry that you Australians are such a group of xenophobes</sarcasm off>

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