Poll: Majority of Russians dislike President Donald Trump

No surprise. Most of Europe et al. don’t like him because unlike his predecessors, you can’t kick him around. The Europeans are used to, or maybe better, prefer, someone who is docile and apologizes for America and her policies. The Don doesn’t do that. Good for him.


Putin plays him like a fiddle.

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Maybe, maybe not. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump has a hidden agenda here. Time will tell, you could be right, then again………

Trump cant seem to stick to a plan nor a script. He seems to lack the discipline and trategic thinking. Putin, on the other hand is smart , disciplined, ruthless, and cagey I (in fact cageyB ha ha).

But let’s hope for the best.

Agree with your sentiment, let’s hope for the best. The problem with all Trump’s predecessors is that they followed the script, and Putin and every one else knew how to play Obama and that crowd like a cheap ukulele.
Don’t care for his tactics or personality, but I think Trump might be much harder to deal with than the former POTUS and his handler, Soros.

You do know that Putin is playing Trump for the fool don’t you. Putin did not play Pres. Obama but he is playing Trump to the hilt.

Of couse poeple think Trump is better than his predacessors.Why? Because Trump does whatever he wants to, He has free rein over everything don’t you know. That is why you have seen the change in Trump the last month or so, he has gained more confidence. Trump is now himself calling all the shots! No one to stop him. Name one other president that acted the way Trump is doing, Trump gets away with it because he has bullied his way through life. That is the only way he knows and he brought his tactics to the WH, treating the WH like his busiesses. and reality show. Trump plainly has respect for the presidency, which all other intelligent presidents did.

Trump is a CEO at heart. That self identity is not a warm and fuzzy one. To get what he wants he will do what is necessary, even if that doesn’t mean being a teddy bear. You people don’t understand the man’s mentality. You expect him to be warm and cuddly like all his predecessors. Donald is not a statesman, he is man who sees what he wants and will walk over anyone in his way to get it. We’ve needed someone like him since Reagan who really didn’t take any guff either.

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Putin did not play Pres. Obama…

He didn’t have to. Obama was a complete buffoon and amateur in the international game. Putin didn’t need to play Obama, good ole’ Barry gave Putin what he wanted without Putin raising a finger.

Playing him for what? Russia has nothing that America particularly wants, and outside of Putin’s saber rattling in Europe, exactly where is he a threat? The Russians interfered with the election … guess they took a lesson from the Mafia in Chicago in 1960 to get Kennedy elected.


Isn’t anyone here afraid that Trump is going to give away the “house” to Putin to get what Trump wants. After all Putin has been his saving grace loaning Trump mounds of money for his hotels around the world. Trump is very attached to Putin for things we will never know am afraid.
Trump is proud of his bankruptcies. He is proud of his bad credit deals… Trump said so yesterday on TV. That’s the way he works, He is proud of it. Unbelievable.

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Define “house.” if the two of them engage in Machiavellian deals to personally enrich each other, who cares. Politicians have been doing that since Julius Caesar (and probably before) If you are so enraged about such shenanigans look into the real estate deal selling U.S. government properties worth 2 billion dollars in the last year or so. I believe they were post office properties on the West Coast. I don’t know if it went down exactly as the press reported it, but one real estate firm was first in line to make a killing. It was owned by Sen. Diane Feinstein’s husband in Cali. Let’s paint everyone with the same brush.

With all due respect, there is something going here on this site and it isn’t playing well.

Come on, This is about Trump and no one else. I know all about what is going on, I do not have blinders on believe me.

Pres. O denied Putin with sanctions. Pres. O never gave up anything. Perhaps YOU have YOUR story wrong. You seem to think I have MY story wrong. That’s why Trump is dividing our country , creating chaos. How do you like it? I don’t, I am a true fact beliving American and I love my country unlike most Republicans who have sold out their party.

Putin, It’s about sanctions. Putin wants Trump to lift all sanctions. You sound as if you don’t care one thing about what Trump is doing to our country. Perhaps you don’t want to know the facts?
If you don’t think that Russians are interfereing with our democratic elections then something is wrong with you. Where is you Americanism. Has it left?

And, you hate Pres, Obma for what? Pres. O. no such buffoon as you stated above… You are telling me that Pres O was an amatuer on the internatial game! How absurd.
O course when you only listen to conservative radio/TV you will hear nothing but hatred. How pathetic.

Poll + Trump ,= often wrong

Polls are sometimes set UP for the desired results (and ensuing headlines).

Tell you what, start with Obama’s abortion position. For that “wonderful man” (as you indicate you believe), abortion should not only be allowed right up to the point of birth, but even beyond if the child was not up to standards. If you are coming back to Catholicism, you might want to check out the Church’s policy on the subject. Then of course the question arises, what did he exactly do internationally that didn’t involve giving away American assets, jobs, and businesses. He was a lap dog for every other international leader. Ask yourself (which I doubt you will do), what great international breakthrough did Soros’ puppet make. As to the rest of his administration, I just had lunch, don’t remind me, please……
And by the way, I don’t listen to conservative radio, or Fox. I read the papers and make up my own mind, unlike the left who take their marching orders from Pelosi and Schumer. Sad.

Oh my, whatever are we to do! A poll says the majority of Russians dislike President Trump!
The Russian Public Opinion Research Center is the source. Give me a break …

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Why do we care what the Russian people think of the President?

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Russia’s still there Ann, sanctions mean little to them, Obama was regarded as a weakling by most Russians, a nice guy playing above his station politically. You also interfere with elections yourself, all large nations have a tendency to do so via propaganda, using agents etc.

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Putin seized Crimea while Obama was president, not during Trump’s administration. I wouldn’t claim Trump has done everything to oppose Putin’s ambitions that he could have done, but he has imposed far more sanctions on Russia than Obama did. He has forcibly opposed Russian mercenaries in Syria, with military force. He’s trying to prevent Germany from becoming dependent on Russian gas; something Obama sure didn’t do. And he is arming Ukraine, something Obama refused to do.

Trump may justly be criticized over Russia, but Obama most definitely should not be praised.

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When Crimea happened, it “seemed” like the people of the area were rather okay with Russia taking over. Of course it could be the Fake News but even putting that aside there wasn’t much you could call opposition on their part. The language excuse was rather lame, more speak Russian than Ukranian (sp). Yeah sure, that’s a tie breaker!

A little prayer for our President because the “latecomer” started things off with a half hour delay. Its not lost on Pres. Trump but he would make good use of the time. Watching all the people in the beautiful room is great.

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