Poll majority say they'd be likely to vote for Clinton


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Curb Your Enthusiasm

It isn’t time to get too excited (or, alternatively, slit your wrists) over the widely-trumpeted USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll headlined: “Poll majority say they’d be likely to vote for Clinton.” What’s being reported is that 53% of respondents say they’d be likely to vote for Hillary Clinton if she runs in '08. True enough. But here’s the breakdown: 29% are “very likely” to vote for her, while 24% are “somewhat likely.” That 29% represents the hard-core support for the Democratic Party; those people would vote for anyone the Dems nominate. The remaining 24% are “soft” Democrats and swing voters who are willing to consider voting for Hillary, given that no opponent is specified in the question.

The fact that 53% of poll respondents will, in the abstract, seriously consider voting for any given Democratic candidate for President is hardly surprising, especially when the poll is taken over a weekend, and is not, I suspect, a survey of likely voters. Conversely, 39% said they are “not at all likely” to vote for Clinton. That represents the hard-core support for the Republican party, plus some additional voters who just can’t stand Hillary. This doesn’t strike me as a particularly impressive performance; it took John Kerry a long time to get his negatives that high. Moreover, despite Hillary’s tireless efforts to cast herself as a moderate, most people aren’t buying it. 54% said they consider her a liberal, while only 30% called her a moderate. Bear in mind that the 30% includes an unknown number of liberals who actually believe Hillary is one of them, but know that it’s in her interest to call her a moderate.

On the whole, this isn’t an especially impressive poll performance. I think it’s true that some voters have forgotten why they ultimately found Mrs. Clinton so annoying. But if she runs in '08, they may be reminded.


I find it amazing that her numbers are that high.


I find it amazing that her numbers are that high.

This is why we must invest as much time/money as possible to see that she is defeated.


I agree with you completely.

What we need to do right now as Catholics is to be proactive. Let us not wait until 2008 to start reacting to the issues of the day because whatever the issues are, they emanate from a certain moral stance. But if we as Catholics only react to the issues du jour, then we are only another political option in the public square. What we need to do instead is to eschew all political labeling while articulating audaciously and articulately the truths of the faith which comprise the moral position. Then we can act as the moral axis by which the issues turn. If we resist policizing ourselves and instead act in the public square as Catholics, we will not be pigeonholed and compromised and our moral clarity can act as a beacon for those who are influenced by the political issues of the day without examining the moral impulses which drive the various political stances. If we don’t recover our voice as Catholics and plant it firmly front and center in the public square, then we risk being coopted and compromised. We have to be in the public square but not of it. We have to speak clearly and charitably. We have to set the agenda and define the language. We have several years to get ready but we’re already behind it seems because Hillary is laying the groundwork right now. She’s morphing into a “moderate.” But let us Catholics not be lulled by labels and politcal maneuvers. We must bring truth to the public square and not be afraid to take it on the chin, when we’re labeled as “inflexible,” “rigid,” etc. The previous election was a precursor of what’s in store for the Catholic Church in America in the public square in upcoming years. We were thrust in the center of the past election whether we wanted to be or not viz. Kerry and the Eucharist for instance. So let us not be naive, and let us not think that we can pooh-pooh the Barbarians at the gate. Like St. Benedict, we are being called upon to save Western Civilization and the 2008 campaign with Hillary at the forefront is going to be Ground Zero for the Church.

Heaven Help Us!!! :eek:

Later of the moral valors, americans want another time inmorality!


There was a poll on the radio the other day that said she had over 50% in a poll, and the breakdown was about 80% of liberals, 55% of moderates, and 33% of conservatives. Sorry, the stats were read by Sean Hannity, but i don’t recall the source he gave.

I have no doubt she’s popular in many demographics. I do doubt the polls that say 1/3 of conservatives would vote for her–I would doubt that 1/30 would. On the other hand, I also would doubt that say 1/5 liberals wouldn’t.

Polls are quite interesting, aren’t they? :slight_smile:

I would only vote for her if she ran for the border .

[quote=tom.wineman]I would only vote for her if she ran for the border .

:smiley: good one… :wink:

[quote=tom.wineman]I would only vote for her if she ran for the border .

Best line today! :smiley:

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