POLL Middle of Homily / Late Arrival

  • I noticed the person - and it miffs me.
  • I notice the person - and I’m happy he/she made it to church.
  • I notice the person - and have no thought either way.
  • I look at the Priest giving the homily - for his reaction.

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A man strolled into mass today - a regular - 60 years old -
The door is such - that 1/2 the church can notice him.
This was a one year memorial mass - for a suicide person.
It was in the middle of the homily, the Priest didn’t appear phased.


I wouldn’t have expected the priest to be fazed.
Where’s the “I really didn’t notice” option?


I notice, assume there’s a good reason for it and forget about it. It’s not my problem or my business to wonder or worry over. If the priest wants to talk to the person after and find out if they’d had car trouble, or something, then he can find out then. Even if this were a chronic problem, it’s between them and God and the priest.


That’s the one I need.


There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to be miffed.


I’ve had, albeit rarely, good reasons to arrive late and good reasons to leave early (sick family members, last minute doggy incidents). I’d assume the late arriver had a good reason and would be happy he was able to make it.


I might notice the person but would probably have no reaction unless he/she did something like step on my toe. Not likely to happen with so many empty seats around here nowadays. Even latecomers can get their own private pew somewhere.


I do see mass - as a very important celebration -
with the presence of Almighty God.
That’s how I see it.
Like a wedding, half way through, the groom strolls in lol
( I hope that hasn’t happened to anyone here, by the way )


I keep my eyes on my own paper. I suggest you do the same.


I love it when we sing all the verses of the Processional/Entrance hymn. Leave nothing out! Let’s hear every verse! Go ahead and sing Marty Haugen’s version of the Gloria too, you know, the one with the repetition, from his Mass of Creation. It gives the latecomers (like me!) a little more time.


Stay in your own lane - not your worry. I am a catechist for RCIA, had already attended Mass and arrived at the next Mass during the homily (to walk the catechumens to class.) I participated in the Eucharist - wouldn’t Christ want me to do so?


Well, this is more like a guest than a groom. And we’re not even talking about Sunday Mass, so it’s not an issue of fulfilling the obligation.

Really, really not anyone’s concern. Follow the lead of the priest, who clearly had no issue with his arrival.


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