POLL natural disasters


Been through:

    • hurricane
    • tornado
    • earthquake
    • major flood
    • wildfire
    • mudslide
    • blizzard


I’ve been through:

make have heard a tornado once pass by the house
flood (we could only drive around in a 4-5 block area)


Yes I have, although not directly impacted by the mudslide.


Tornado in Raleigh, North Carolina in the 1980s–destroyed our church. It was so loud, like a roaring train. Our daughters were in their bedroom, and I remember our older daughter, about 5 years old at the time, telling her younger sister, “Don’t worry, Jesus will take care of us!” The next day, she went to kindergarten–amazingly, school wasn’t cancelled! It was a public school, but the dear teacher gathered all the children in a circle and led a prayer for the two children in the city who were killed in the tornado.

Many blizzards, including the blizzard of 79 that closed the bars in our college town and was the cause of Jane Byrne beating Michael Bilandic for Chicago mayor (look it up on Wikipedia!) My dad (R.I.P.) actually got lost in that blizzard–he was driving home from a job, and ended up losing sight of the road and driving across several corn fields before he was able to get back on a road and find his way home.

A few years later, there was another big blizzard in the Midwest, and my dad and mom were out at their farm when they heard a knocking at their door. A couple from Chicago had gotten totally lost, and were hoping they could stay the night. My parents invited them in, and that was the beginning of a long friendship. The couple stayed with my parents for an entire week because the blizzard kept blowing and snowing, making travel dangerous. They stayed in touch for many years until death.

In recent years, the worst blizzards we experienced happened about five or six years ago, when the snow was piled as high as the roof of our garage. We also drove through a terrible blizzard a few years ago to get to a skating competition in Minnesota–for the life of me, I can’t understand why children’ competitions are held in states that are known for harsh winters! Why not Florida?!

As long as the power doesn’t go out, a blizzard is kind of fun (if you don’t have to work out in it). But when the power goes, it’s dreadful.


Numerous hurricanes, one flood, one earthquake.


Comments embedded.


Hurricane - Superstorm Sandy
Earthquake (there was a tremor once when I lived in NY)
Blizzard - several. The largest was probably when I lived in Philadelphia


Hurricane Gloria in NY, and others in NC, PA and MD.
Tornado very nearby in MD.
Blizzards in NY, PA and MD.

Denise, I remember a tremor in NY too. It woke me up, but it wasn’t until later when I heard about it on the news that I figured out what it was. It was weird.


The 1994 Northridge Earthquake, but we were 20 miles from the epicenter. Many smaller earthquakes too.
None of the other natural disasters, thankfully.


I survived Hurricane Elena twice. She hit Mobile AL when I was a student, rolled back into the gulf and came back in for another shot. Elana was pretty lame really.

While in high school my brother and I were twenty miles into the wilderness when the drainage next to us caught fire. We humped it out to civilization that day, but for a while there we were eye level to the tankers dropping fire retardant.

Blizzards. I grew up in Montana. Chinook. Nuff said.

Not sure why haboobs were left off the list. Survived one of those too.


I’ve been through a hurricane, blizzard, earthquake, and tornado.

The tornado was weird, in that my mom heard and saw it, but I guess I was too focused on music to take notice of it. I just heard her screaming for us to get in the basement, but it went away before I could reach the stairs.

The earthquake was the one that hit Virginia a few years ago. That was freaky. I was used to a little shaking in the house since we lived next to trains, but once I realized that it wasn’t a train, I started trying to get somewhere safe. By that point, though, the house was shaking much more noticeably, and my brother had the bright idea to run upstairs to ask what to do. You can tell that we were raised on the East Coast, where earthquakes don’t often happen. It was by far the weirdest of the four.

Hurricanes and blizzards, though, are really just bad rain storms and snowstorms respectively. Oddly, despite living in Florida, the worst hurricane I experienced was when I was in Virginia. The same goes for the blizzard despite me having lived in Michigan, northeast Iowa, and New England. It was also Virginia where we had that earthquake less than a mile drive from where I lived. Just in general Virginia was bad. The tornado was in Michigan, though.

Luckily, I haven’t dealt with a flood yet. I have narrowly missed floods a couple times, though. One time I left Tampa the day before rains caused floods that cause water to go above small cars. I also left India a day or two before a major storm came through the area I was in and shut everything down with floods.


where is bushfire


Lived through every thing except a blizzard. Thank you Lord for sparing me.


:white_check_mark: Check.

:white_check_mark: Check.


I forgot about hurricane Gloria.

We were given off from school that day, but I don’t remember it bring very bad.

I’ve been in 3 minor earthquakes.

Lots of blizzards.

When I went to school in the 1970’s and 80’s they would keep the schools open in NYC for blizzards. I think it was so kids would have a safe place to go. One blizzard I was in school. And just a minority of the students and teachers came. We just gathered in the cafeteria. Finally they decided to dismiss us. Getting home that day was “fun”. First, I had no boots. I was wearing “Chinese slippers “. They were Mary Janes type shoes but made of canvas. So not water proof. I had to take two buses to get to school. The first bus finally came. That took a very long time. When I finally got to transfer to the second bus, I waited for another long time. It didn’t come so I walked about 15 blocks in the blizzard, with my flimsy shoes.

This is a Chinese slipper. I think we called it like that because there was an Asian woman who would sell them at a stand along with items of costume jewelry, and knock-off Jordache purses.



WOW! That’s some experiences. Scary but God is always in charge.


Hurricane :cyclone:, tornado :tornado:, multiple earthquakes :chart_with_upwards_trend:, multiple wildfires :fire:, mudslide, a few blizzards :cloud_with_snow:.

“Only” directly affected by the hurricane, the earthquakes, the blizzards and the wildfires.

Missing from list: volcanic eruption :volcano: and sinkhole (although the latter aren’t always caused by something purely natural)

Wouldn’t that fall under wildfire? :thinking:


I was sleeping too! This one was in the afternoon, but I was home sick from work… It scared the heck out of me!


Living in California for years, it got so that I could sleep through any earthquake up to 7 on the Richter scale…which is actually quite dangerous. It’s what inspired my parents to bolt all the bedroom furniture to the walls.


Hmm how intense are wildfires.

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