Poll- Notes During the Homily


Do you take notes during the homily/ sermon?

  • Yes
  • No

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When I go to a Catholic church, I don’t. When I go to my own non-Catholic church I normally do.
Interested to see what you guys do.


Voted ‘Yes’ but it’s more of a ‘sometimes’ - If I’m at a retreat, or there’s a visiting celebrant who’s a good homilist (a Dominican, an EWTN figure, etc) I will.
At usual Sunday Masses of Obligation, it’s unlikely for me.


It’s a little hard for me to take notes during the homily, since I’m usually the one giving it.



That just means that you’ve drawn up your notes in advance! :wink:


I do. I have a Mass journal for that exact purpose. It has the readings and a few blank lines for notes. I don’t take extensive notes as I’m also wrangling kids. Just a few lines to help me remember the homily. I’ve found it very helpful.


scene: Fr. Joe giving a homily

…and against what the crowd expects, He takes the person aside and shows love. Oohhh that was a good way I made that point. Excuse me for moment, *takes out notebook*, but that was a good way of saying that if I must say so myself, Fr. Joe. Yesiree. Now where was I? Oh yes, He shows love…

Edit: I do not take notes. I try to remember and there are some homilies that stick with me, but I don’t take notes.


I think you overestimate my diligence…


I have written down a particular Bible verse, saying that a Priest has said or a book title that the Priest mentioned in a homily if it touches me or if I want to look up and study the verse later or find the book to check it out. But I don’t do this very often.


There are many times I wish I had or would like a copy of the homily afterward, but that’s not usually something I do/get. It’s not every Sunday; it’s once a month or so that something strikes me in a particularly profound way that I’d like to continue thinking and praying about at home.


On the parish website, all of the priests and deacons have a copy of their homily available for the faithful. A member can just download the particular topic and study it at their convenience.


During RCIA season, I take notes. We discuss the readings and the homily and it helps me remember certain points. For whatever reason, I also find that holding a pen in my hand helps me focus - probably the mindset of being ready to write something down.


I voted no, but I really should start. I’m usually sleepy going to Sunday Mass, so sometimes I drift off during the homily. But most of the time I understand the basic message. I’d like to have something to refer to if I forget however. I could take notes on my iPhone, but I’m worried that people would think that I’m texting during the homily.


I voted no. I can’t read my own notes.


If you’re looking for a convenient journal that has all the Sunday readings in one spot for you already, Every Sacred Sunday (everysacredsunday . com) makes a beautiful one.

Lately I’ve been underlining and bookmarking the readings in my own Bible, which I use to follow along with what’s being read out loud. The case has a pocket in the back that holds a slim journal for homily notes, etc.
I really like being able to see how much of the Bible we’re exposed to over a period of time at the Mass. Plus it helps root the readings in context to see them as a part of the Bible rather than random verses in a missalette.


I think this is what I miss from my former Baptist faith - actually using my Bible at Church/now Mass. What version Bible do you use to match the readings? Does the Sacred Sunday journal match the wording/version of the readings? I’ve never noticed anyone with their Bible at Mass.


I don’t. I’m supposed to be listening to the homily, not frantically making notes like I was going to study it for a test the next week.

Typically in classes where I have had to note down things the professor said, it wasn’t an enjoyable experience and I was mostly just focused on writing everything down. I have often thought that in most of those classes, the professor could have just e-mailed us all an outline for the day’s lecture and I could have stayed home and read it, with the same effect. I actually have had classes where I missed most if not all the lectures and just read somebody else’s outline at the end in order to take the final, and passed (in one case got an A).

But if a speech is going to be moving me, inspiring me, or providing food for thought, the last thing I want to do is take notes, and I can’t imagine why anybody would want to. Mass is not supposed to be like being in class at school.


For the US, the lectionary readings are based on the New American Bible, but they don’t match exactly. You could get your own missal for Mass… and while I have one I really like and recommend, it doesn’t have room for notes.


My notes usually consist of just a few words - to jog my memory. Active listening - nothing frantic about it :slight_smile:


I do carry a lunch box container with me.
Inside - rosary - eye glasses - two books -
Multi colored pens - and a notebook.
Never - during the homily.
After mass - yes.
Especially a book suggestion.
People sometimes come up to me and suggest things too.

I find taking notes - is very helpful -
A week later - I might read them -
And take a definite action.


I’m like you, taking notes distracts me. However one of my friends and one of my kids really benefits from jotting quick notes during homilies or inspirational speeches. I guess everyone is different!

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