Poll: Obama Loses 1/3 of Hispanic Support, Abortion a Reason

Poll: Obama Loses 1/3 of Hispanic Support, Abortion a Reason

A new poll shows pro-abortion President Barack Obama has lost about one-third of the support he had from Hispanics in the 2008 presidential election, and one pro-life Hispanic leader says abortion is the reason why.

Obama hosted a meeting at the White House for Latino groups that focus on political advocacy, but, one the same day, Gallup released a new poll showing his Hispanic support down about 30 percent over the course of the last 18 months. In December 2009, Obama received a 73 percent favorable rating from Hispanics, but that dropped to 52 percent at the end of June.

The news is bad for Obama and his re-election prospects, as he is counting on winning states like Florida and New Mexico, which have large Hispanic populations, in order to retain his stranglehold on the White House. The polling results are good news for Republicans, who will be voting for a nominee to challenge the pro-abortion president.

This is of course good news, however, Obama has never hidden his support for abortion. :confused:

I agree. I would like to hope the abortion issue had something to do with it, but there was no evidence in the article - just the opinion of a pro-life leader. More than likely, “it’s the economy, stupid.”

I saw a post on Jill Stanek’s website a few months ago from a pro life group:

My name is Randy Avila and I live in Los Angeles. I lead an organization that peacefully and prayerfully protests the many abortion clinics around Los Angeles county. I work with the East Los Angeles Pregnancy Center (ELAPC) and Los Angeles Pregnancy Services (LAPS) which are crisis pregnancy centers, essentially the antithesis of Planned Parenthood. However, the advocacy arm of the movement is Pro-Life California, who facilitates the daily protests. They all work in cohesion, it’s really wonderful.

I just wanted to pass on an interesting conversation I had today with some folks on the street.

I was stationed in Boyle Heights, which is a very poor neighborhood in the heart of Los Angeles. As we prayed in front on the clinic, we were holding signs that depicted aborted babies. This group of Latinos (pure Spanish speaking) approached us and said:

    [INDENT]“Este es Obama. Él lo admite. Yo voté por él, todos lo hicimos. No sabíamos que apoya esto. Nunca se nos dijo. No hablar de esto. Creímos en él, pero ahora sabemos mejor. Todos hablamos de él, mis amigos, mi familia, mis vecinos. Todos dicen lo mismo. Necesitamos Sarah Palin. Ella no hace este tipo de cosas y sabe qué hacer. Todos la aman.”

Which translates to:

    “This is Obama. He supports this. I voted for him, we all did. We didn’t know he supported this. We were never told. He didn’t talk about this. We believed in him but now we know better. We all talk about it, my friends, my family, my neighbors. We all say the same thing. We need Sarah Palin. She doesn’t do this kind of stuff and she knows what to do. We all love her.”

Sarah has a great following in the Latino community because of her background and her traditional values. Of course, this isn’t being reported and these people are not being polled. Who would have thought that in the heart of Los Angeles, the “ghettos” that Sarah is so respected and supported.

Keep up the good work.[/INDENT]


I think there are people who didn’t research what Obama’s views were on all the issues, they just saw Obama through the mainstream media view.

Hard to know why this is, or whether it represents a trend or a momentary thing. Of course, there are different kinds of Hispanics. I don’t know about some of them, but I can certainly say promotion of homosexuality is NOT one of the favorite themes of Mexicans or Central Americans.

The article does not offer any reasonable proof to suggest that abortion may be a reason. It’s just journalistic bias.

While I do not know what the Hispanic population of American thinks, I think one thing to keep in mind is the perception of Hispanics and immigrants. Obama often comments on the game, but does not play it. He has not done much to improve on national immigration policy, nor has he fought to improve the negative image among Hispanics and immigrants. When you fail to deliver on these highly important issues, of course people will lose support.

I’m not saying that this is the reason support may be declining, but it’s something to keep in mind

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