Poll: Obama sinks on immigration


From Politico:

Two in three Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama’s handling of immigration, according to a new Gallup poll.

At 65 percent, the disapproval rate is the highest that Gallup has reported since the group began polling on the subject and is up 10 points since August 2013.

Thirty-one percent of those polled approved of his handling of immigration, the lowest readings since 2010, when only 29 percent approved.

Here’s a link to the actual Gallup Poll

As far as taking polls seriously, though, a recent polls shows us 43% of Americans doubt that Mr. Obama is a US Citizen (Rasmussen), This is up from 27% doubting in 2010 (CNN).

So, I would take heart that opinion polls should be taken with a grain of salt.


I think the issue here has to do with all those Central American kids.


That was informative and interesting.

What I don’t understand, as a Canadian - where a Prime Minister can have an unlimited amount of terms(!) :eek: - , why a United States President nearing the second end of his term would even care about polls. My understanding is that, since he doesn’t qualify for re-election, he can now do whatever he wants.


Because of “coattails.” The fear is that if the president’s unpopular that the electorate may swing to the other party out of fear of “more of the same.”


Oh, that makes total sense. I was something that I hadn’t thought of.


And he IS…


Is the thread title supposed to read sinks or stinks on immigration?

In my opinion Obama stinks on everything - not just immigration.


Well after Obamas continued free fall in the polls and after his priority of fund raising culminated for him last night, he “finally” decided to send a “personal Obama team” to the border to investigate the need for temporary National Guard intervention. :frowning:

Republicans won’t approve handing Obama any money unless they feel like substantial policy changes will stem the crisis.

“What the president is asking for is a blank check. He wants us to just throw more money at the problem without doing anything to solve the problem,” “The administration ought to get their act together.” Boehner states yesterday.


IMO, what is happening on the border now is not “immigration”. I call it an orchestrated invasion to change our nation into a one-party dictatorship. I realize that some may believe that my characterization of this is extreme, but please explain to me how this is not exactly what is happening.
Amazing that very little about the camps and ultimate dispersion of these illegals throughout America is lightly covered by the “mainstream” media. :mad:


Well, it’s reported that he’s firing up his pen and his phone:



I agree. Obama thumbs his nose at the world.
So will he announce next week his plan before taking off for vacation?

What will be left for him to destroy his last 2 years in office?


Well, he has already released tens of thousands of criminals of the illegal alien stripe back onto American streets, but wait until you see the list of grotesque pardons before his rule ends! He can and will do much, much more damage. :eek:


I think he stinks at it because he doesn’t seem to make any real efforts to help.


The people who voted for Obama were swayed by a carefully cultivated cult of personality. It was almost as if they became transfixed, and refused to believe that this potential king was naked and nefarious, despite boundless photographic evidence. :shrug: Rob


You make a good point. More illegals = more votes for Democrats. They are aiming for a demographic shift that will result in a democrat electoral lock on the presidency. That will be great for the democrats - until they run out of other peoples money and the economy collapses. But the dems don’t deserve all the blame - the “gated community” Wall Street republicans also want illegal immigration. And lastly the hard core anti- immigrant crowd unrealistically believes that we can deport the millions of illegals here. And they say that illegals take American jobs. As if Americans are willing to work as dishwashers, hotel maids and landscapers.



It’s a little more complicated than that. Americans may not be willing to work as dishwashers, hotel maids, and landscapers for what employers are willing and able to pay. Frankly, the government, with the lucrative set of benefits available to stay idle, does not encourage an empty tummy that will get people to accept lower wage jobs. How can I say this?

FIrst of all, according to this Baltimore Sun article, a mother of 2 receiving welfare receives compensation that is equivalent to approximately $18.35 per hour. (Obviously, the welfare package value is dependent upon a number of different factors, so this number would vary).

It is my understanding that SSDI can pay up to $2,253 per month.

In Maryland, the minimum wage is now $10.10 per hour, one of the highest in the nation. That equates to $1,751 per month (with a 40 hour workweek).If you look at the federal minimum wage ($7.25), that is $1,257 per month.

I could go through the other permutations, but the point is that there is a pretty significant disincentive to pursue low skill / low wage work. Despite all the unicorns and rainbows we hear on the mainstream news, the fact of the matter is that fewer Americans are working than ever before. The labor force participation rate is abysmally low:

The point is that it is economically disadvantageous for people to accept low-wage jobs. With the recent increases given to welfare benefits and marketing of those employment disincentives, more and more people are taking welfare rather than hard work.

Without the availability of off-the-book people who are ineligible to receive those benefits, the lower wage jobs would have to significantly raise their rates in order to attract people back into the workforce.


Check out the results of a poll regarding ‘illegal immigrant children’

Only 11% would let the children say in the United States (one in five Democrats and one in five Hispanics would).


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