Poll on contraception

What are your thoughts on the use of contraception?

  • Contraception is NEVER acceptable under any circumstance.
  • Contraception is acceptable under the most rare circumstances.
  • Contraception can be acceptable sometimes.
  • Contraception is always acceptable.
  • Contraception should always be practiced.

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It is Catholic teaching that contraceptives are instrinsically immoral in all circumstances.

Note: contraceptives refer to hormones/pills/devices used for the purpose of combatting conception. Hormones/pills/devices which are commonly used as contracpetives but are actually being used in a medical way, such as the pill to treat endometriosis, are not immoral (although we should look for better solutions if possible; especially if the woman is married and sexually active).


Not to stir the pot, but I’ve seen discussed on here the idea that fornicating with contraception isn’t any worse of a sin than fornicating without contraception (fornicating here meaning sex outside of marriage). This is not to make light of fornication (people always seem to get the wrong idea, as if this somehow makes fornicating okay). It’s just that contraception has been explained as not making the fornication any worse. Contraception as discussed in the CCC 2331 - 2400 only refers to the use of contraception between spouses.

You cannot use this and say “contraception is acceptable when fornicating” because fornication is itself unacceptable.

I am not advocating this point of view, but I’ve seen it and it came to mind when I read this topic. I welcome clarification.

Seems you have actually contradicted yourself here. In fact your second paragraph is correct and therefore the use of contraceptives when not used for the purpose of preventing pregnancy but for medical reasons is acceptable; and your first sentence is therefore inaccurate. Their use is permissible (even though they still have an unintended contraceptive affect - in other words they are “contraceptive” regardless of how you try to redefine English words) in rare circumstances according to your correct recitation of the teaching of the Church.


I meant contraceptives that are used as contraceptives; sorry for the ambiguity


What is the Church’s position on use of the pill to prevent pregnancy in a rape case?

Generally no. However, Catholic Hospitals in some cases are given permission to administer the “morning after pill” if they can confirm that fertilization has not already taken place.

One Pope “suggested” that it may not be the worst sin for nuns in an area where terrorists typically used rape as a form of war, to take the pill. That is still a fairly controversial perspective.


I’m not Catholic, so did not want to invalidate your poll responses.

In any case, my preferred answer is not included:

“Contraception is, itself, a neutral thing. Whether it is used morally or not, depends on the context.”

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Do you have a source for this? I have heard this claim, but I have also heard that there is no solid evidence to establish that this actually happened.

Well, Pope Francis recently said that Pope Paul VI made this statement.

“Paul VI, a great man, in a difficult situation in Africa, permitted nuns to use contraceptives in cases of rape,”

Could Pope Francis have been wrong? Possibly.


As someone who can die during pregnancy, I will never use contraception. NFP yes, but contraception No ( I’m a girl under a guys name).


Contraception is only “permissible” if it’s being used to treat a medical condition, with the contraceptive properties being an unfortunate effect of the drug, and not being used as a means to prevent pregnancy.

I myself don’t see any controversy.
The nuns were not intentionally having sex. Hence they are not actively intentionally contracept.


Is there an exception for women who take the pill for non-contraceptive reasons i.e. endometriosis, irregularity, hormone imbalance, etc?

The pill has more than one use.

Contraception is intrinsically evil which means no circumstance or no intention can make contraception a good act. It is always a sin. That is a dogma of the Church.

A woman can take the pill for medical reasons but cannot engage in relations since the pill is abortifacient and can kill a convinced child. She must wait until she is off the pill to have relations.


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Uh no, she doesn’t unless medically advised. Not a morality issue.


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It is a morality issue. There is up to a 20 percent chance the child can be aborted from the use of the pill.

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