Poll on Social Media

Hi! I am interested in learning what other social media outlets Catholic Answer Forums people participate in. Do you Twitter? Facebook? Are you LinkdIn? Do you Digg? Or is there another online social medium you use? Thanks!


I got dragged kicking and screaming onto Facebook by some friends, and I check in every now and again - well, I pop in once a day to see if I have messages (I rarely do) and have disabled most of the annoying things like pokes and random gifts and gardens and stuff. I don’t really like posting anything personal on there because it strikes me that I can’t be sure who sees me, even if they’re not my friends.

I have a vague recollection of signing up for a Myspace account - I probably have a profile on there somewhere, but I never went back to it after the first day, so it doesn’t count and I didn’t vote for it on the poll. I’ve never used any of the other options.

Hi - I just started perusing a site www.4marks.com and have found it to be pretty nice.

If you go there, navigate to the videos in the humerous and comedy skit category. It is great!

I hope you enjoy it.

God bless you all!


I use Facebook, which reminds me that I have to check it now.

I use Facebook, have a Myspace account I don’t use too often. My high school also has a social networking site which I check on every so often.

I’ve loved Facebook; it’s been a great way to keep in touch with people–I’ve also reconnected with old friends!

I’ve been using Facebook for about 4 years, Myspace for about 5 years, and Xanga for about 6 years. :cool:

I like to watch YouTube videos and participate in forums like this one and the Fish Eaters ones. I had a Facebook, but got rid of it within a few months.

Maybe I am even older than I thought I was.

Twitter? No idea what it is.

Facebook? No desire whatsoever to use it.

Linkdn? No clue even what category this falls under.

Digg? Seen it. Seems fairly useless.

Maybe I am just out of touch. Then again, several of my (younger) friends have attempted, then inevitably abandoned, a myspace and facebook site.

All any of them seem to care about is their iphone. :shrug:

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