Poll: Religion, Faith Still Important to Most People

A new Ipsos MORI poll has found that religion still matters to most people in the world.

The global survey looked at the views of over 18,000 people across 24 countries, including the U.K. and U.S.

Seven in 10 of those surveyed said they had a religion but there was a marked difference between Christians and Muslims when it came to the importance they placed on their faith.

In Muslim-majority countries, 94 percent of those with a religion agreed that their faith was important in their lives, compared to 66 percent in Christian-majority countries.


I do not agree with the presence of the word “still”. Why “still”? would it disappear? No way! People do seem to ignore ? Yes.

Is there at least 1 person in this world who does not care about religion? NO.

Everybody is a religious person. The way each people think the question: “What is religion?” is the problem.

Religion, for me, is the search for answer to these questions:
*]Who am I?
*]Where did I come from?
*]After death, what will happen?
*]Where am I going to ?
*]Is there a God?
*]Am I eternal or will I end with death?
*]What is my relation with myself?
*]what is my relation to other human beings, animals and plants?
*]What am I here for?

The answers may be different according to various religions but the religious quest is in everbody…:thumbsup:

So, atheism IS a religion!

Yes, just like bald is a hair color! :smiley:

I don’t find this surprising. As much as the militant Atheists would like to see religion go away, its not going to happen any time soon. And when I say militant Atheists, I do not mean all Atheists by any means. Most Atheists probably value the freedom of religion we have and see nothing wrong with others holding to strong religious beliefs. However, there are some Atheists who are very militant about their beliefs and would like to see the complete and total elimination of religion from the face of the earth. Those are the types of Atheists I am speaking of.

Minority rules. America will be an Atheist nation in a few years. :slight_smile:


Take our José Saramago, our Portuguese Nobel Prize of Literature. A reahead Communist, Stalinist, a dinossaur.

Atheist, OK? So, God does not exist, ok?
*]All his novels talked about God
*]So much was his talk of God, that in Austria, when it was commissioned an Opera Libretto about aome kind of religious problem they had in the 16th century, the austians chose Him, an atheist, to do it
*]When the subject of God appeared in the news papers, there he goes, Saramago, fighting and scolding and protesting
*]Even if it were not the subject of God, if something that could trigger his domons, like the 9/11, and earthquake, a tsunami, there he Goes Saramago saying God and this and that
*]He wrote a whole book about Jesus: the Gospel according to Jesus, boring for any Christian. As a Teacher of Literature I had to read it…

How come someone is fighting so hard someone that does not exist?
You dont do that for such a long time, with such intensity and desperation.

God. what do you say when you say that you dont believe in God?
Ahteists sometimes give me such definitions of God that I say: Boy, I am an atheist too. I dont believe in YOUR GOD. Once, a guy who should know better for he went to college, said that he did not believe in God for God could not have done the deluge … Boy, what an argument !:banghead:

I dont know what happens in the Stated, but in Portugal this is a big problem: The intellectual, as we call them, the leader, the opinion-makers, the people who studied most, have a doctorade in Science but are catholic religion analphabets. So their Catholic Culture cannot answer the questions of science and they build their own little gods whom they believe it is the Christian God and they say they dont believe in God. But what happens is that htey dont believe in the gods they constructed.

And proud as they are, for they are doctors, they think that their little god is the true god. that is why we need Scientists with more theology knowledge to spead the Gospel…:thumbsup:

NO, like bald is lack of hair.
Repeat, LACK… of…HAIR.
So what?
It follows that Hair exists …
Otherwise, you did have a void of … HAIR …
The Hair is a proof that hair exists.
The lack of hair is a proof that hair exists.

There are striking differences between countries with regard to religious attitudes.

As you might expect, the vast (94%) majority of respondents in the three mainly Muslim countries studied (Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Indonesia) said religion was important in their lives, whereas, among self-described Christians in 19 countries, only 66% said likewise. But among the 65% of Americans who called themselves Christian, some 86% deemed faith important, whereas among Christians in France and Sweden, the figures were 36% and 42%.


In Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, more than 90 per cent thought that religion provided the common values necessary to allow society to thrive. In the UK, however, just 29 per cent thought that. Sweden scored the lowest, at just 19 per cent.


You can look at a variety of graphs relating to religious questions here (but you will need to scroll past several slides relating to economic issues):

Immorality may reign in the culture, but the majority of people will hold to faith and traditional values. The sinners will have a louder voice, but there are more of us.

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