Poll shock: Jesus Christ plays for Chelsea ( UK football team), according to one in five children


Words fail.


Chelsea (a UK football team) have made some big name transfer swoops over the years but this one would trump the lot - that of the Son of God himself Jesus Christ.

But a survey has found that 20 per cent of kids think he already plays for the Blues.

A total of 1,000 children were asked the following multiple choice question as part of a survey for Brent Cross Shopping Centre: Who is Jesus Christ? a) A footballer for Chelsea b) Son of God c) TV presenter d) X Factor contestant or e) An astronaut.

Incredibly, 20 per cent of the children asked at a shopping centre in Brent Cross went with option a).

The discovery that many children believe Jesus plays for Chelsea wasn’t the only worrying finding. According to the results a quarter of them think the shepherds found the infant Jesus with the assistance of Google Maps and that more than half think Christmas Day marks Santa Claus’s birthday.


I suppose ignorance in basic religious matters is not confined to the U.S. Even if some of the children confused Jesus Christ with Jesus Navas, still… Or perhaps some thought it was a trick question. I wonder how many children chose X Factor contestant?!

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