Poll: Should Luther's "A Mighty Fortress" be included in the Liturgy?


A question for Catholics:

Is it appropriate to continue having “A Mighty Fortress” in our Mass?

Possible reasons for:
*]The song itself does not contradict Catholic Doctrine
*]The song is widely considered beautiful and has already been generally accepted, and the Vatican has even allowed it to be in the Breviary

Possible reasons against:
*]The song was composed by Martin Luther, years after he had already been excommunicated
*]Protestants of the time used the song as an anthem in their fight against the Pope

I stuck to just leaving two examples for each, because I’m sure if I made it uneven, I’d be accused of being impartial (which I probably am, since I personally don’t like having the song in our liturgies).

Take a moment and vote, and feel free to post replies giving more reasons both for or against the inclusion of the song in the Liturgy.

Thanks for taking my poll.


This wasn’t set up as a poll, but I vote yes.



Sorry about that. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of this yet. The poll is up now (I think I did it right this time). Thanks for participating, John.


This is duplicate thread to a discussion started earlier.

Thread closed.

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