Poll shows Americans fall into 4 camps on Trump: Believers, Conditional Supporters, Curious and Resistors


New CBS poll shows Americans fall into 4 camps on Trump: Believers, Conditional Supporters, Curious and Resistors

In this study, people separated themselves into four groups:
*]the strongest of Trump backers - “I’m a Trump supporter, period.” (who we’ll call the Believers);
*]those backing him but waiting for him to deliver - “I support Trump, but he has to deliver” (the Conditionals);
*]those opposing him for now but waiting to see some results - oppose Mr. Trump at the moment but “would reconsider” supporting him if he does a good job. (the Curious)
*]those who seem immovably, firmly opposed “I am against Trump, period.” (The Resistors.)

We’ll plan to follow these groups over time. Here’s how they break down now:http://cbsnews1.cbsistatic.com/hub/i/r/2017/02/12/7fa7efec-5db1-4b27-892b-05d3fda21fa4/resize/620x/2f4c9ad58e44c9f161670def1111bbb3/nation-tracker-overall-1.jpg



I have to reluctantly (I say reluctantly merely because I think the word loaded and inaccurate) call myself a “believer,” only because he is definitely doing what he said he was going to do–not because I feel he is doing everything in the best possible way nor that all he is doing will accomplish the things he hopes they will in the long run. :slight_smile:

I’m not in the “wait and see” camp because waiting to see what he was going to do is moot, since he is decidedly doing more things in his first days in office than many others had done in the whole of their presidencies. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is one of the most reasonable polls I have seen in awhile. I am glad they said they would track these trends. It should be interesting.


I am in the wait and see camp. I like giving people the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong. He wields a lot of power though but in our country we have 3 co-equal branches of government and the other two branches seem willing to keep him in check, so far.


The “Conditional” Supporters (22 percent of the nation)
Americans who say “I support Trump, but he has to deliver”

They “don’t agree with everything” so far but are “at least glad he’s shaking things up.”


The “Curious”: They’re Opponents Now, but Could Reconsider (21 percent of nation)


It really always boils down to the economy.Outside of HC just being a horrible candidate,Trump garnered votes by his promise to bring jobs back to this country.If the economy thrives,he is a shoe in for reelection.


Yes, all this immigration stuff the last week is a distraction.


Depends on what this means by “act like a politician.” I don’t want leaders to refuse to give straight answers, or renege on campaign promises. But I DO want them to try to carry out their offices with some dignity, which means not repeating demonstrable falsehoods, or tweeting out angry taunts like a hormonal teenager.


I am a reluctant supporter. I chose option two. I’m one of the voters who moved his direction because the alternative was awful. If he follows through, then I could feel better about my choice. I’m waiting to see how he performs.


New CBS poll shows that 81% of the “Resisters” want Dems to oppose all or most of what Trump does cbsn.ws/2kzt94e



Precisely. We might not like his delivery but you have to admit he is doing what he said he would do. The louder the left rallies about it, the more the silent people on the right approve. And if the economy does improve (it would be kinda hard not to: Obama is the only president to never reach 3% economic growth), then he will be able to write his own ticket for re-election (if he even chooses to do so).


I’m with you.


I would have to say I go back and forth between curious and conditional.


Poll shows Americans fall into 4 camps on Trump: Believers, Conditional Supporters, Curious and Resistors

With all due respect to CBS, nobody should buy this headline. The poll did not show that, but rather started with those four categories and then each responder fit into one of them.


I reluctantly voted for him since he was pro-life. I was not going to vote for Hilary no matter what, for a long time I was just not going to vote. I took a gamble that while he would save untold lives, perhaps tens of thousands, that he would not cost us the same on the battlefield.

I am just praying that he is not an axis/b narcissist personality disorder sufferer. In all fairness I am pleased to no end that he turned the whole Washington establishment and the leftest media schmucks on their ear. I also hope he can truly negotiate some better trade deals, and throw the PC movement to the curb. That’s a tall order. Well see.


Although I never though he would make a good President, I do appreciate the value of having an “outsider” in the WH – assuming that the whole “outsider” thing isn’t an act.


and doing away with Obamacare which doesn’t seemed to have helped the economy!


I am behind you 100%. I really feel if anyone can turn this country around and get us back on track he has the best chance and I am happy he is not Washington establishment too!
There have been a few slip ups, but considering all he has done since the election one cannot say he is not a hard worker and I trust he will lead in the right direction once he gets settled in and all Cabinet members in place, etc.
We can’t expect him to walk in and everything works perfect overnight.
He needs our prayers daily and I like that he is not letting the media push him around. He is definitely shaking things up! And they needed shaking!


For sure!What a bureaucratic nightmare that had turned out to be!:eek:

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