Poll shows decline in support for Boy Scouts


Poll question is: The Boy Scouts last year revised its policies to allow openly gay young people to be scouts but not to permit openly gay men to be scoutmasters. Do you favor or oppose this policy?


The Boy Scouts’ image, once defined by idyllic Norman Rockwell paintings, has suffered during the contentious debate over whether gay youths and adults should be allowed to participate in Scouting, according to a public opinion poll.

Rasmussen Reports, an independent polling firm, asked the following question in a telephone survey: “Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable impression of the Boy Scouts of America?”

According to the poll, 59 percent of American adults have a very favorable or somewhat favorable opinion of the Boy Scouts. That’s a 6-point drop since last May, and a 14-point drop since February 2012.

The Rasmussen poll did contain some good news for the Boy Scouts: Eighty percent said Scouting is good for young people.



Boys with same-sex attraction, or what they think is same-sex attraction (and most think sexuality is hardly fixed in someone of scouting age) have always been part of scouting; it just wasn’t politicized or made into a “cause.” It’s the scoutmasters that are of concern.


That doesn’t surprise me. Instead of just having one side mad at them, they now have both sides mad at them.


Looks like the poll question was truncated. Look at the 1st post for the poll question.


no to openly gay scouts
no to openly gay leaders

'nough said!

I don’t want them falling into the dark side the way the girl scouts did.


So if scouts are gay but don’t act upon their feelings they shouldn’t be allowed?


The same poll found 73% View Girl Scouts Favorably

It’s spring which means it’s time to stock up on Thin Mints. Over half of Americans bought Girl Scout cookies this year and continue to have a favorable opinion of the organization behind the popular treats.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 73% of American Adults view the Girl Scouts of America at least somewhat favorably, including 29% with a Very Favorable opinion. Just 12% view the Girl Scouts somewhat or Very Unfavorably. Sixteen percent (16%) are undecided.


So why the difference?


Every year, the GSA sells cookies in front of our supermarket, maybe they even have sold them at the Catholic Church in the past and it’s hard to pass by a little girl, often with her parents their watching over things.

Nonetheless, GSA has had some connections to some bad organizations like Planned Parenthood, that needs to be remembered as well.

USCCB releases resource guide on Girl Scouts for Catholic parishes


Just out days ago.


My two grandsons were in Boy Scouts, until this year, they chose sports over BS.

I was surprised to learn how expensive it is to be in the Boy Scouts, especially the camp outs.

Also, one parent must accompany each child on over night camp outs and trips.

Of course this is to protect the kids from sexual predators.

It wasn’t worth it and the boys enjoy sports more, and it isn’t as expensive.



I oppose the change. They never should have changed their policy to begin with. I am tired of organizations and businesses and such caving to pressure from the politically correct left.


Are you talking Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. The Cubs have to have an adult with, but the Boy Scouts don’t. (And yes, it does get expensive.)


I don’t understand the comment that campouts are expensive.


Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.



Interesting. I’ve never run across a Troop that requires a parent along. Most of the time we’re lucky to find enough adult leaders to go, let alone parents.


They probably vary across the nation, but my daughter told me how much a week-end camp-out cost, something like $150 per kid.

If you have two kids in scouting, that’s $300.



I live in an economically impoverish area and no boy has ever been turned down for lack of money in at least one of the packs, likewise the troops.


Here in NE, if a parent or guardian doesn’t go, the kid doesn’t go, no two ways about it.

Again, it may have to do with policies of local chapters.



Good for you.

Was not the experience my daughter had with her two sons.



Oh I should add however, there was a business man in the town who told the scouts that any child that couldn’t pay, he would cover the costs.

Anyway, that was last year and the two boys go camping and hiking all the time with their parents and so chose not to be in scouts this year, especially because it interfered with their sports.



Our Troop tries to camp once a month. Between the camping fees,food fees and travel, you’re looking at $20-40 per camp out. That comes up to $240-$480/year just for camping. Add in summer camp and other activities and you’re starting to get into some real money.

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