Poll: Support for Homosexual "Marriage" Grows in US

By Hilary WhiteJuly 28, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A US poll suggests that support for homosexual unions, including homosexual “marriage,” is on the increase. Angus Reid found in a survey of 1,783 US voters that 32 percent said they would vote to allow homosexual partners to contract…

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A US poll suggests that support for homosexual unions, including homosexual “marriage,” is on the increase.

It’s sad, but not surprising. After all, what do people see on TV? Show after show promoting the gay agenda. Plus just about every mainstream newspaper and magazine leans left. So where would people even hear the other side?

If I weren’t so Catholic, I would be sick for America. What hope is there for a country that has destroyed marriage but promotes promiscuity of all kind?

God bless, ANnem

[quote=the article]32 percent said they would vote to allow homosexual partners to contract legal marriages. Only 29 percent said they would grant homosexual partnerings no legal recognition.

It seems the numbers are about even.

This is something i don’t really understand. “In God we trust” how can America trust in God when she is issuing marriage certificates to Gay couples? we all know that Homosexual marriage is bad. it is a great sin and yet we support it.:confused:

I do not trust polls these days. The pollsters know where to survey to get the results they want. And, since many of them a left leaning, you know where they will land.

Well, gay marriage is inevitable. It will happen. The longer we wait to keep it in the closet, the closer we come to having it. It is our own fault when it does happen. So by all means, keep being nice, unoffensive, little girls when it comes to issues like this. The gay’s will thank you for speeding up and removing the resistance to accepting gay marriage.

Because we are becoming more secularized. And sadly, so are religions.

The support will only continue to grow.

Cultural biases and discriminatory practices against homosexuals will begin to subside over time.

As people become more educated, they will also begin to see that discriminatory practices based upon a same sex attraction is not only unconstitutional, but immoral.

Don’t forget, it wasn’t that long ago when people didn’t approve of inter-racial marriages, but with time, most of the racists ( sadly not all) have not been able to pass on their bigotry onto their children.

You could hope to become like the Danish or the Canadians!

And we will move even closer to socialism as well. Racism still exists. There is no comparrison to racism and gay marriage.

And Christianity does not condone gay marriage, I know as much as you would like it to, so you may want to reconsider one of your positions.

The largest Protestant denomination in Canada marries homosexuals and accepts homosexual ministers.

So, yes, Christians do condone homosexual marriage.

I’m not too sure what homosexual marriage has to do with socialism, but each to his / her own.

I never have understood the relationship between a behavior and race, although I do understand why homosexuals want the comparison to be accepted. We exclude all types of behaviors.

The more lax that the people become in their religious practice the more immoral practices become normalized.

Secularization will be the main reason that the homosexuals will succeed in being looked upon as normal and moral.

We are going to be forced to accept homosexual marriage as “normal”…and the Church will be forced by the state to marry those who are homosexual otherwise they will face “discrimination” lawsuits and that is HOW it moves closer to socialism.

The secular world has “invaded” and makes demands upon the sacred world and the state is supporting it!

Yes, maybe people who call themselves Christians condone homosexual marriage but they are in FULL OPPOSITION to the law of God. In 2008, some people are insisting that God no longer calls the shots…THEY ARE INSISTING THAT THEY CALL THE SHOTS. They are prideful, arrogant and no longer willing to listen to God, because it doesn’t suit them …DOESN’T FEEL GOOD. This is the same mind set as so called Christians that believe that abortion is justified. You see, God is not really God to them anymore, they are so twisted by their own arrogance that they have elevated themselves to that position. They have to find a way to distort Christianity that suits their every whim. Pretty soon, you won’t be able to call this “new Christianity” Christianity any longer. You will have total chaos in society which is NOT what God intended.
It’s what will bring us down. IMHO these kind of Christians are really secularists waving a “Christianity” banner.

Secularization won’t do this. Exposing the centuries of “biblical lies” surrounding this topic will.

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