Poll: What brings you to CAF?


There are too many possibilities to do an official poll, so I’m just asking in an open-ended way. What brings you here? When I was a new convert, I used to do things like this for the purpose of learning more about the faith. Eventually I got to a point where I felt I had it down pretty well, without any major questions or doubts, so my intention changed to evangelizing folks, particularly Protestants, because I used to be Protestant and was comfortable arguing about it. At one time, my purpose was to meet a potential spouse. Nowadays it’s just to meet other like-minded folks and have a good philosophical discussion now and then about parenting or whatnot. I love to propose possibilities as to why things happen in a certain way, or what might happen if you try this… What’s your motivation?


I grew up going to a Baptist church, although I’m not practicing. I’m one of those “many paths lead to God” types.

Anyhoo, my Husband is Catholic, and seeing that I don’t belong to set church I agreed to have our son raised Catholic. I joined this board to learn more the Church, although this board does lean towards the conservative. It’s one thing to read up on Catholicism, I wanted a more “human” outlook.


I’m obsessed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just love anything that has anything to do with God and His Church. I learn so much interacting and reading through these forums. And you meet a lot of people who believe the same way you do-- which is a nice change for me, because I am surrounded by family and friends who are not Catholic, and many of whom are not Christian.

I originally came to the forums (other Catholic ones as well) to have questions answered and what not. Like you, I’ve recently converted (thanks be to God!), but I’m beginning to think I have all of the basics and a lot of the intermediates under control. Now I enjoy reading the “upper-level” philosophical/theological discussions. And learning to be a proper apologist of the faith.

But really, I think I hang around 'cause I’m obssessed. :wink:


I just enjoy reading and sharing thoughts on my faith…

I sit at my computer all day at work with software optimization programs running in the background so reading and posting on message boards is an easy side-task during my normal work day…

So I may as well be hanging out on catholic boards… why not?! :smiley:


My story is similar to the OP. As a convert, I needed to learn, and hone my apologetics skills. Now, I just like hanging out with people of a similar mind-set. We live in an area where there aren’t a lot of Catholics, and many who are, aren’t as serious about their faith as we are. It’s nice to be able to come to a place where everyone doesn’t think you’re a freak for trying to actually live out what the Church teaches.


large variety of topics, brisk pace, thoughtful posters


I came here after listening to the shows via Podcast! I find it to be a wealth of information and a great place to ask for advice! Whilst I do not always agree with others responses everyone is friendly and well meaning! It is a great place for a debate on social issues and a great place to learn about what the church asks of us!

I love it!


to learn

I love learning about other religions. I love learning more about my own too. I can do both at CAF.


I love to talk too, but I hate it when good discussions turn into arguments over who is judging who, because then the conversation comes to a screeching halt and it’s no fun anymore. It feels like people want to be able to say they have been judged so they don’t have to bother reconsidering their own ideas. It’s extremely frustrating for the one who has been accused of judging. I wish those conversations would go more like, “Here’s my opinion:…” And the other would say something like, “Interesting point of view. I’ve never thought of that before. However I don’t think it’s quite right because…” And then I’d say something like, “Hmm. Maybe so, but I wonder because…” And different points would be explored but there would always be a sense of wonder about it, no one trying to win, really, just wondering at what the answer might be. I would like that. This is assuming of course that the discussion isn’t a matter of what the Church definitely teaches, but rather an opinion or a philosophy about something.


Up until the end of last year I didn’t care about the Catholic Church. At all. I didn’t like it though I don’t remember why. My faith was renewed I do not remember when and I started going to a Protestant church. I liked that church but it didn’t really seem complete. Through many many prayers I went back to the Catholic Church but I didn’t remember anything about it. I was as ignorant as it gets. I started going to Church, reading the Catechism and the Bible. Then I found this website! I love it. I have learned A LOT and my faith hasn’t been stronger. I think I may even have a calling to the priesthood. :eek: How did I come back the the CC? I have no idea. Must have been my constant prayers for truth.


Constant prayers for truth…hehe…that’ll do it everytime. That was my method too. :wink:


I believe the Holy Spirit has lead me here. He knows how to stoke the fire of my faith.

I am very new to these forums, but in the short time that I have participated, I have learned a lot about my faith from a fellow Catholic lay person’s perspective.

I can understand a lot of deep subjects in the Church, but I sometimes have trouble communicating these concepts in my daily life. Also, these opportunities don’t come as often as I like, so I need to be prepared. These forums really help with this.

Thank you to all who have helped me.

Gloria Tibi, Domine

God Bless all of you.


When I was going to that Protestant church I was always praying for truth. I really liked the church but then one day I woke up and knew it wasn’t the true church. There is only one.


I came for support and guidance… and I love this place!

My husband isn’t Catholic, so doesn’t understand my views against divorce. We’re going through an awfully difficult time right now. So I also came for prayers :wink:



Some days, it feels like I’m the only Catholic out there…but this forums reminds me that I’m not!




Hehe I was actually writing a paper for a theology class my freshman year of college, and googled “Anglican holy orders” and for some reason one of the first links on the page was to a thread about the subject on CAF. Of course, I ended up reading the boards, and then my sophomore year I decided to actually join instead of just lurk.


I was debating Purgatory, Original Sin and Immaculate Conception with a Catholic friend (I’m Orthodox) and wanted to know the official Catholic teaching, not his poetic, Orthodox-sounding musings. After googling these words, CAF was the first thimg I got. I lurked for two years, mostly on “Eastern Christianity”, “Moral Theology” and “Ask An Apologist”, thinking “These Romans sure are whacky” :smiley: , and it was only after I gave birth to my dd that I discovered the “Family life” and “Parenting” forums.

I don’t think there’s another Internet community where you can feel actual love among the people. People here actually pray for each other, personally, and it can be felt.


For me, I wanted some input on a liturgical matter I was dealing with, and I found this forum when seeking answers on the internet. I liked the forum so much that when I have additional questions, I bring them here. Being a teacher, I have a little more time now that it is summer break, and I’m starting to get hooked - this is one of the best forums I’ve seen - well moderated, and a very supportive Catholic community!


In his book “The Order of Things”, Michel Foucault talks about reading an article by the Argentinean writer Borges which describes a supposed Chinese encyclopedia (“Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge”) which has wonderfully eccentric (to us) ways of describing things. All animals, it says, can be defined as one of:

(a) belonging to the Emperor, (b) embalmed, © tamed, (d) sucking pigs, (e) sirens, (f) fabulous, (g) stray dogs, (h) included in the present classification, (i) frenzied, (j) innumerable, (k) drawn with a very fine camelhair brush, (l) et cetera, (m) having just broken the water pitcher, (n) that from a long way off look like flies;

Foucault talks about how Borges mythological encyclopedia really brought home to him the enjoyment we have in coming across other, to us ‘exotic’, systems of thought, what he calls the “stark impossibility of thinking that.”

To me, all the best message boards have an element of that – as I said to somebody else here (privately, when she asked me why I was here), “when you think about it, what more natural place for a nice “European Liberal”, Jewish girl than an “American Conservative” Catholic message board?”

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