POLL--- What is your average weekly offering to the church????


I was curious how much y’all are putting in the offeratory every week. Remember, this poll is anonymous! :cool: This amount excludes extra collections such as for retired religious or Catholic appeal, etc… :slight_smile: This is your average weekly amount you give to your local parish. In other words, your tithe…


Good grief woman, you ask the most personal questions in your polls - where do we live, how much we earn and now how much we put in the offering. It is really none of your business and very impolite to even ask such questions.

Idle curiosity has no purpose and contributes nothing to this forum’s enrichment.

My Daily Bread Chapter 86

MY CHILD, uncontrolled curiosity draws your attention away from your duties and brings needless distractions. It can waste a good deal of time and energy which you might use to greater good. It leads to pointless visiting and useless conversations. It fills the mind with so many empty distractions, which prevent you from freely receiving the holy thoughts and good desires which I send you throughout the day.
2. You would have great peace if you were less curious about things which do not concern you. One who is too interested in the sayings and doings of others, becomes forgetful of the glorious ideal which I present to him-the ideal of pleasing Me in all things and thereby gaining eternal life.
3. Many things occur during the day which do not help you become a better person. What does it matter whether this one has a new garment or that one has failed in some personal project? Think of what concerns you, and of any good which you can do to others. Keep your heavenly goal before your mind, as far as your daily occupations will permit. Avoid idle words and useless activities.


In defense of this poll, I think I should say that it’s completely anonymous and is even voluntary. If you don’t want to reply, then you don’t have to.

White Dove, perhaps it would be more prudent to have the poll choices listed by percentages of one’s income, rather than by dollar amounts. That’s just a thought. Anyways, I’m not Catholic, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable contributing to this poll, and so I won’t because it’s a voluntary poll.


Closed until further notice.

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